Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Soccer isn’t just a sport, it’s the world most practiced religion.

Submitted by: Andrea

“There’s no I in team, and neither is there a U”

Submitted by: peter wu

The best feeling is walking onto the field and seeing, hearing, and feeling the fear of the other team. That’s when you know that you did your job the last time they saw you.
When you truly give everything to the game, it will give you everything and much more back.

Submitted by: limgreen

Soccer – A sport where the players actually enjoy getting hit in the head by a ball. (:

Submitted by: Emily A.

Soccer is my life. That’s all I have to say.

Submitted by: steph24106

Thank you Jesus for creating soccer. <3

Submitted by: Eric

When you pass the ball off to your teammate, it’s not because you’re trying to look good or because you don’t want to look bad, it’s because you’re giving them an opportunity to shine, if they can’t do it then they will pass it off to the next player and let them give it a try.

Submitted by: Abbie

The soccer ball is like your pet, you want to keep it with you all the time ^^.

Submitted by: Kira

Great minds think alike, but great soccer players NEVER play alike

Submitted by: Mark v

Sometimes I dream of playing soccer. When I wake up im out of bed with my soccer balls… Which are kept next to my bed because I can just never stop playing the game. I would never sleep if they werent near by.

Submitted by: T&me4ever=mids4life=bffs

The people who think soccer is an easy sport, are the people sitting at home alone watching TV while their friends are out playing soccer! Live it, Breathe it, Play it!

Submitted by: Nina

Soccer is my life, and life is good.

Submitted by: tay

When you make a mistake, quickly clear your mind and learn from it. Think about what you are going to do next, what you have already done is done. Play with everything you have, hold nothing back and unleash the talent inside you

Submitted by: alyse

Soccer some time hurts, but it worth of what you gain after that.

Submitted by: ricky

There are no words to explain what soccer is, nor can you judge soccer until you get to play and you feel it. If you like it then you will have your own conclusion. There are no words really. Not in my opinion. I love soccer that’s all.

Submitted by: Alan

I’m the reason your coach makes you practice so hard.

Submitted by: moni

Monopoly is a game. Tic Tac Toe is a game. Soccer is life.

Submitted by: coach t

Coming in second means you’re the first loser.

Submitted by: kallie

Let your feet do the talking

Submitted by: lime green

You have to have a special bond with your team because if you don’t it will show on the field.

Submitted by: Madi

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