Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Soccer is a surf board on the wave of life.

Submitted by: madi

If you’ve got the game get on the field

Submitted by: salzzy

If the ball moves kick it, if it doesn’t kick it until it does!!!!!peace <3 soccer! the world needs it!

Submitted by: snoops

I never see who plays better than me in a game… I just make sure that I know where they wants their passes.

Submitted by: Maunaldo


Submitted by: RIGO

The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it.

Submitted by: Alvarez

If you win it’s only because you practiced more than the other guy. If you lose it’s because you didn’t practice more than the other guy.

Submitted by: AB

If you aren’t first place… You loose… 2nd Place? Yeah, thats loosing

Submitted by: Mia :p

We are so busy in our lifetimes that know one ever has time to watch T.V so they play soccer. I would like to play for a stadium full of people rather than a empty stadium with know one watching.

Submitted by: Tara

Soccer is like a dance you must move with the ball as elegently as you would in a dance.

Submitted by: carlos

Winning is a habit.
– Joe Waters

Submitted by: alex v

If you wanna play on my field you gotta get dirty.!

Submitted by: Bella

There is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in win.

Submitted by: Sharp

If you see the ball coming towards you, don’t just stand there. You might score a goal if you go after it ^^.
– *Kira*-

Submitted by: Kira

The best player dosent always score and make goals somtime he is the one who sits on the bench

Submitted by: pimpen

If a man wants something he aint neva had before…den hes got to do something he aint neva done before…..

Submitted by: Jonathan Mafemi

Soccer is the best.

Submitted by: Jorge Sanchez #22

Soccer is my life…

Submitted by: Laura

Eat, sleep, play soccer… What more is there to life?

Submitted by: Rosalie

My only goal in life is to succeed in soccer!

Submitted by: juan angel

Some say seven days without soccer make one weak but I say it makes a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: dont rele eva no

Train because you have to, Play because you want to and win because if you don’t want to be a loser.

Submitted by: Robbie da Gal

If you ain’t kicking, then you ain’t living.
– Martin

Submitted by: Martin it or lose it, but always over do it!!!

Submitted by: morgan


Submitted by: RIGO

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