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Soccer is the worlds favorite sport.
Setting a Goal isnt hard BUT neither is Scoring one.
Do wut you love and love wut you do *soccer*

Submitted by: HC Thunderbolt soccer team

“The pros don’t love soccer because they are good, they are only good because they love soccer.”
– Me =D

Submitted by: Kristan

Soccer is a music all on its own. Listen to it…its called the back of the net

Submitted by: gianna

Life without soccer is life without a purpose. Solution? simple…play, love it, make it a lifestyle

Submitted by: gianna

If you want to see me, you must be quick.
if you want to catch me, you must be fast.
if you want to beat me, you must be kidding.

Submitted by: haley

Here’s to kick- offs, goals, assists, shootouts, livin’ on the road, the smell of wet grass, early mornings, breakaways, crossbar shots, countless hours of practice, Nike cleats, thousands of dollars, shin pads, big passes, loud chanting, new equipment, sniping shots, corner kicks, coaches, passion in our numbers, living with your team mates, the guys you trust become your second family, pick up, fights, let downs, miracles. Some people say soccer’s a matter of life or death, but it isn’t, it’s much more then that, and most of all – the best game in the world, our passion, our life, our future, our love, our game .. SOCCER.

Submitted by: travis19

“Soccer is a simple game its the players that make it complicated”
– Willie Watson (Mancheser United)

Submitted by: Matt Clark

If a man wants something he aint neva had before…den hes got to do something he aint neva done before…..

Submitted by: Jonathan Mafemi

A good sport requires passion

Submitted by: sam watsherface

Got soccer?

Submitted by: katie

The pride you gain, is worth the pain.

Submitted by: alaina

There is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in win.

Submitted by: Sharp

It’s the way you feel when you step on the field that lets you know you couldn’t live without this sport

Submitted by: jamie

The best part about indoor soccer is getting to take your anger out on the other team by smashing them into walls.

Submitted by: waterbuffalo

“Never underestimate your opponent.You lose that amount of heart and care that you need to win and waste it by playing around and thinking that just because they weren’t the best team, that they couldn’t beat you. You learn from losing, it’s what makes a team. Always do your best in practice…It will show in the game.”
– Logan

Submitted by: Logan

If there was no soccer in the world id rather die than to live without soccer

Submitted by: sasou

Soccer is the best forget about the rest

Submitted by: sasou

If he thinks he’s the greatest player of the century, then that’s his problem

Submitted by: colbs

Behind the athlete you have become, the hours of practice and pain that made you strive to reach your goal, is the little girl, who fell in love with the game. Every little girls love, is to grow up and play the game, just like theyve seen before, to grow up playing soccer.

Submitted by: stephanie dipasquale

I don’t play soccer because it’s fun, I play it because of the passion for the game, because without it there is nothing and it is like a headache when you can’t play. Soccer isn’t just my sport it is my way of life and my passion!

Submitted by: Carito :)

A great soccer player is never content with their performance.

Submitted by: Olivia

“Life is like soccer, we need GOALS”

Submitted by: PeTeY

Soccer is the BEST, Other sports are like the Rest.

Submitted by: Abubakar

If you work hard you won’t only be hard, but be hard to beat!!!

Submitted by: brooke

Soccer, its not how quick you are its how quick you play

Submitted by: momo

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