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People ask me why I play soccer. And my answer is: Why stay away from something that you can’t live with out? Soccer is my life and I need to play to live.

Submitted by: Chey

Talk with your feet, play with your heart.

Submitted by: emmanuel

In soccer, you don’t got with the flow, you BEAT the flow

Submitted by: manchester!

Coming in second means you’re the first loser.

Submitted by: kallie

There are no words to explain what soccer is, nor can you judge soccer until you get to play and you feel it. If you like it then you will have your own conclusion. There are no words really. Not in my opinion. I love soccer that’s all.

Submitted by: Alan

Nothing stand between success but your own will to win

Submitted by: Maggie

From the moment you set foot on the field, lace up your cleats and touch the ball, life as you know it will change. If not, go home. – Rachel

Submitted by: r. ball

Soccer is the people’s sport, all you need is an open space and a ball. Theres no need to be strong, big, or tall, anyone can play. It is the most democratic of all sports.

Submitted by: Nick O.

Don’t let your mouth write a check your feet can’t cash.

Submitted by: tator

It’s not how good of a player you are physically, it’s how much you believe in yourself mentally.

Submitted by: Kathleen

Early mornings, late nights, in the extreme cold and in the extreme heat, in rain or snow, and in the driest of days we practice…for that one chance, that one moment, that one day… To be champions.

Submitted by: robyn

Soccer is not something you learn it’s a talent that runs through your blood.

Submitted by: mr.wisdom

I’m the reason your coach makes you practice so hard.

Submitted by: moni

Even if you have nothing at all, still give the game ALL you got.

Submitted by: lexii

Control the ball…don’t let the ball control you.

Submitted by: Adrian

Let your feet do the talking

Submitted by: lime green

Impossible is an OPINION, impossible is nothing. Play the game, win the game. Play or do not Play, there is no try.

Submitted by: Henry

I don’t care who is my opponent. I just play with the soccer ball. Giving and trying my best is a habit.

Submitted by: eltony

Soccer is all about heart. Without heart, it’s just a game.

Submitted by: Matt

To play soccer you NEED Feet, you NEED Speed, you NEED Heart.

Submitted by: Hector

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