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We are rather hungry, tired, or sore. Most the time all three. #soccerlife #gohardorgohome #wingit

Submitted by: McKenzie

It’s the feeling you get once you step on the field. The rush of adrenaline. The feeling of knowing that your at the right place, at the right time. The silence before the whistle. The moment your feet touch that ball. That’s the passion behind soccer.

Submitted by: crystal

Soccer isn’t just another sport it’s a lifestyle a religion a drug that keeps the passionate player from breaking down, the sport that crosses all borders like no other.

Submitted by: SAL

I will shoot a knuckle- ball and dribble like Cristiano, bend it like Beckham, take penalties like Botticelli, hat trick like Messi, bicycle kick like Pelé, run like Walcott, pass like Xavi, defend like Pepe, tackle like Puyol. Then I could be 99 in Fifa 20

Submitted by: Adriane Covero

Breaking a leg an ankle is temporary winning a championship is forever.

Submitted by: Andy

Every time you step to the pitch, you have to work your hardest because you never know when will be the last time you ever play. So play like it’s the last time you will play this beautiful game called soccer <3.

Submitted by: Emily

There’s a thing called ‘passion’ for doing what you love. If you love soccer, you are determined to be on the field, rain or shine, bright sky or storms. You’ll do whatever it takes.

Submitted by: nalia medina

As a young player, you need not to play soccer for money. Play soccer for the love of the game and the money will follow.

Submitted by: Raymond drovou

Winners train, losers complain.

Submitted by: Carlos Aranda

Soccer is the reason I wake up at 600 every morning and why I break bones, fail tests, it’s all for the love of the game.
– Me

Submitted by: jess

My coach says that if you’re not willing to practice your hardest, you’re not willing to play your hardest in a game.

Submitted by: Blake

A successful team beats with one heart.

Submitted by: Anahitha

One mistake teaches a lot of right moves. You must fail eventually to get it right.

Submitted by: Arlay

When you set foot on the field all your worries and problems suddenly disappear, and when you come off the field you already forgot what you had to worry about in the first place.

Submitted by: Dezirae

There are no words to explain what soccer is, nor can you judge soccer until you get to play and you feel it. If you like it then you will have your own conclusion. There are no words really. Not in my opinion. I love soccer that’s all.

Submitted by: Alan

Soccer. Live for the game.

Submitted by: Nicole

S- hooting goal is what I like
O- ver all player make you the best
C- razy tricks like bicycle
C- heering crowd is what I want to hear
E- xciting game make you jump
R- unning fast like the wind.

Submitted by: Kenneth Magwili

Like the famous English striker Gary Lineker used to say: “Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and in the end Germany always wins.”

Submitted by: j-10

Faith: to be sure of the things we for, and to be certain of the things we cannot see.
Faith can also be personal, and can also be communal.
It can also be objective and subjective.
Faith must be total acceptance or total surrender.
Every great player must have it.

Submitted by: mario miralda

The team that bonds together is the team that is the hardest to beat.
– Sly

Submitted by: Aubree

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