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The soccer ball may be on the field, but the game is always in the player.

Submitted by: Abbey

There is no better feeling than stepping out on that field and stunning them all by doing what none of them thought you could.

Submitted by: Nemo

I grew up with a ball at my feet and that’s why I believe I am living the best life I could be living, if soccer isn’t your life, don’t play it. :-)

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Submitted by: Muhammed Uways mayet

“Give the opponents more than one reason to stare at your feet”
– Lionel Messi

Submitted by: [Sp.Awn]

Soccer- the Universal Language

Submitted by: Amy Donut

If soccer was easy it would be called cheer leading.

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Submitted by: MaKenna

Baseball is for people who can’t play soccer.

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Submitted by: Nathan!!

Its not how GOOD you are its how BAD you want it!

Submitted by: gabi

Never curse the ball… For it is you who is controlling it.

Submitted by: 11

Look up, get up and never give up.

Submitted by: djfkhdj
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