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Those who love the sunshine, have never played soccer in the rain. <3

Submitted by: austin wright

It’s not just a win or a lose it’s a pride thing.

Submitted by: cara

Power, pride and passion…that’s all you need.

Submitted by: karlie Milliken

Pain is temporary. So when you’re out on that field, dig deep cause when you dig deep it shows your opponent your dedication and intimidates them.

Submitted by: Elizabeth

I never see who plays better than me in a game… I just make sure that I know where they wants their passes.

Submitted by: Maunaldo

In soccer, the best way to defend is to attack.

Submitted by: Ndlovu"midnight-fox"Vernon

It’s not the sport that is so great, it’s the passion behind it that makes it so interesting.

Submitted by: salman wajid

When you pass the ball off to your teammate, it’s not because you’re trying to look good or because you don’t want to look bad, it’s because you’re giving them an opportunity to shine, if they can’t do it then they will pass it off to the next player and let them give it a try.

Submitted by: Abbie

Soccer isn’t just in my blood it is also in my heart.

Submitted by: samanda~

It’s not the hours you put in, it’s what you put in the hours.

Submitted by: Marcos

Either you play your heart out on the field or you don’t play at all.

Submitted by: Hannah

It’s more than a game, it’s a way of life. In order to be great at soccer, you have to live soccer.

Submitted by: leo

I was looking for life quotes, then I realized that soccer is life.

Submitted by: Moises R.

If I can’t feel the ball touch my feet, I can’t feel my dream getting any closer.

Submitted by: isaac carbajal

No Pain – No Game. That’s soccer.

Submitted by: isher

Soccer, more than my obsession.

Submitted by: I

If they never score a goal you can never lose.

Submitted by: bears15

There is always someone better than you at soccer, so get out there and practice.

Submitted by: haider

Playing soccer with your feet is one thing, but playing with your heart is another.
Anyone who thinks sunshine is happiness, has never played soccer in the rain.
Soccer players aren’t made of their technique, but of their passion!
Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.
Life is just a game, but soccer is serious.

Submitted by: Emi3nt

People debate weather there is a hell or a heaven truth be told, I don’t care as long as there is soccer.

Submitted by: sergio

Whether on the field or not, we’ve always got each other’s back.

Submitted by: abbasnail

When all else fails bend it like beckham.

Submitted by: Tyler

Soccer is for physical players only, so if you don’t like being pushed, choked, tackled, punched, kicked, or possibly killed, I suggest you play tennis.:)

Submitted by: e&e

Winning is only good if you can walk off the field and say that you played well.

Submitted by: k

You can take the player out of the game, but you can’t take the game out of the player.

Submitted by: william

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