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“Who ever said that soccer was stupid, obviously never could play the sport themselves.”

Submitted by: haley

Soccer is the reason I’m single today. Cos soccer has stole my heart from any girl in this world.

Submitted by: rodyne perumal


Submitted by: marie

Right from the start, I knew it wasnt just a game, but the beginning of life.

Submitted by: a.huck champ

Once you play soccer… You love it
Once you love it… You live it
Once you live it… You can not live without it

Submitted by: Paula

You may think that it is the goalies fault but it can’t be if it got past the defense, midfield, and strickers!

Submitted by: megsy8110

JESUS is my defender

Submitted by: beka

You came to win but the only way that you can is if you all belive you can

Submitted by: megsy8110

Without Passion…You Can Never Play Soccer.

Submitted by: Cloud Texas

My dad always told me “It doesn’t matter what brands you wear .. It matters how you play and how bad you want it.”

Submitted by: Tony
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