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I’m not committed to it I’m addicted to it.

Submitted by: lalo

The best thing about soccer is the bitterness of losing and the great feeling of achieving your goal when you finally win.

Submitted by: Kh's

Some Wish for it, We Work For It!
– Conquerors

Submitted by: Erin

Some people say soccer pros are soccer slaves, if that is true then give me a life sentence!

Submitted by: juan

If you have have never got a red card, you are not passionate enough. If you have never got a yellow card you are not passionate enough. If the ref has never had to talk to you. Give Up.

Submitted by: lachi

I don’t play soccer, I live soccer. My life is soccer. If you want it and your not naturally born with it, all you gotta do is work hard and love soccer. Soccer isn’t for wimps that want to wear all that protective guard. All you need to play soccer are shin guards. But we only use that because some football lover didn’t really love soccer and was to scared to play without them.

Submitted by: Anna

We play as a team, we stick as team, we’re more like brothers though.

Submitted by: Sunny
12 it or lose it, but always over do it!!!

Submitted by: morgan

Soccer is Dumb?? Come give it a try and see how dumb I make you feel!:)

Submitted by: Johnny Velasquez

I’m a man of few words, I learned to play soccer before I learned to talk!
– Suazo

Submitted by: Johnny Velasquez

Soccer is life.
If you don’t play soccer, you have no life

Submitted by: Emi c:

Winning is a habit.
– Joe Waters

Submitted by: alex v

Don’t let your mouth write a check your feet can’t cash.

Submitted by: tator

My dad always told me “It doesn’t matter what brands you wear .. It matters how you play and how bad you want it.”

Submitted by: Tony

The bigger your passion the farther you go.

Submitted by: Anthony

The medals don’t mean anything and the glory doesn’t last. It’s all about your happiness. The rewards are going to come, but my happiness is just loving the sport and having fun performing.

Submitted by: defilyn

My mind reads the game, my heart feels the game and my feet play the game.

Submitted by: Labo

You don’t have to play in the best team to be the the best player.

Submitted by: angel714

That feeling when your heart pounds, and the butterflies in your stomach are about to burst for what seems like the game of the century, that’s called dedication to the game, the game you have passion for, the hard work you put in, the sacrifices you have to make… But it’s worth it for the game you love.

Submitted by: Kylie

Sometimes people wonder, how the 11 girls on that soccer field are working so well together, how they move together, how they pass the ball together, how they smile together, cry together, think together, breathe together.
Well that’s because we’re sisters… And we love each other.
Each and every one of us.. Want to die on that field next to the sisters that we’ve grown up with, practiced with, improved with…and lived with.
We will play EVERY game.. As if it were our last.

Submitted by: ItsBreezieBabie

Life is fun…soccer is serious.

Submitted by: Camille

Early mornings, late nights, in the extreme cold and in the extreme heat, in rain or snow, and in the driest of days we practice…for that one chance, that one moment, that one day… To be champions.

Submitted by: robyn

Just give me my cleats and a soccer ball, and I’ll be set for life…
The greatest feeling in the world is when I’m on that soccer field, and I know that our team is going to succeed because I look around and I see my 10 best friends playing beside me.

Submitted by: Robyn

Soccer doesn’t soothe the soul, it stampedes like a rush!!

Submitted by: soccerfan787

If you don’t work as a team; you’ll lose as a team.

Submitted by: alex

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