Soccer Quotes and Sayings

Life without soccer…Isn’t worth living!

Submitted by: Mandak

We have the balls to score on your turf!

Submitted by: Tracey

If there was no soccer in the world id rather die than to live without soccer

Submitted by: sasou

I am not one of those girls who goes shopping, worries about my makeup 24/7, and cares about others opinions. I am one of the girls who likes getting dirty, likes playing her game, and loves playing the game I fell I love with as a little girl.
I am a goalie, I play my game.

Submitted by: Kenli

Soccer isn’t about winning or losing,
it’s about playing the sport you love.

Submitted by: Emily Uhrinek

To who ever wrote “Girls weren’t built to play soccer but to watch it.”
You must be so scared of the females that play soccer.
You are one of those boys who have never played a girl and are to scared to because you know you will get beat…BAD.

Do more than everyone else, practice harder then you do in games,so you won’t play as hard in games it will just come.
Good soccer players practice until they get something right a few times.
Great soccer players practice it until they get it perfect.
The best soccer players practice until they get it right every time and then some just to make sure they have it.

Submitted by: Beth J

Respect the training. Honor the commitment. Cherish the results.

When you are is always waiting!!

Submitted by: Kristine

If you dread going to practice, but just like to say your on the team, your not a true soccer player. Save the spot for someone with a passion to play.

Submitted by: Brianna....

If you work hard you won’t only be hard, but be hard to beat!!!

Submitted by: brooke

I Only Play Soccer On Days That End In “Y”

Submitted by: Rizwana Bangi

Practice like you play.

Submitted by: Josh

Its the love of the game that wakes me up in the morning saying girrl get back out there and do even better!!

Submitted by: AgGiEPOOHbEAR

They say winning isn’t everything, then why does it feel so good when you do?

Submitted by: emmy

They ask me why I play soccer, I ask them why they breathe.

Submitted by: Noémi Auger

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