Soccer Quotes and Sayings

If you don’t love soccer, I don’t know why you were born!
If you love soccer, then God made you with all his heart!

Submitted by: david

My one and only best friend that will never leave my side.. Soccer!:)

Submitted by: paula

Music to my ears:
– The sound of the ball hitting the back of the net.
– A soccer ball being kicked.
– Communication of the team.

Submitted by: Emily

Winning isn’t everything. Oh wait, yes it is!

Submitted by: kathryn

If you want to be a great soccer player you have to want it, not for the fame or fortune but because you love the game. Great soccer players have ruined their career on drugs and alcohol because they let the fame and money get the best of them I want to be a star one day but because I love the game. And it’s futebol not football.

Submitted by: Kooolllll

You have to have a special bond with your team because if you don’t it will show on the field.

Submitted by: Madi

Soccer scars are the best.

Submitted by: jesseJess

Battle scars from soccer is another way of God saying he loves you.
Soccer is life.

Submitted by: jesseJess

Soccer is everything, life is just a time between games.
– Unknown

Submitted by: marina

Play with your Heart, not just your feet.

Submitted by: Robyn Sanchez

Love hurts, but not as much as penalty kicks.

Submitted by: BOB

Wearing the jersey doesn’t make you a player, just like, standing in a garage doesn’t make you a car.

Submitted by: Rashid 14

I love playing soccer because when I step into that field I know that no one can touch me. It makes me forget about everything for a while. <3

Submitted by: Eloisa

More than just 22 crazy people after a ball.

Submitted by: gerardo

Those who love the sunshine, have never played soccer in the rain. <3

Submitted by: austin wright

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