Stupid Quotes & Sayings

Whoa, it’s a unicorn without a horn.

Submitted by: Rafael Sandoval

I’m not stupid its just that my doctor x- rayed my head and found nothing.

Submitted by: weirdo567

I’m not stupid, I’m just, you know, not smart

Submitted by: Tabby

I only hang out with you, because you make me look so smart…

Submitted by: BLRouse

There’s a fine line between genius and stupidity… I like to jump rope with that line.

Submitted by: amber.kai

America is a great country. Everyone is entitled to their own stupid opinion…

Stupid Quote: America is a great country. Everyone is...

Submitted by: BLRouse
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In the beginning God made the heaven and the earth. The rest was made in China.

Submitted by: katie-renee

Stupidity is proved itself when you try desperately to prove you are not stupid.

Submitted by: A_Leo

Always hang out with people more stupid than you. It makes people think you are smart.

Submitted by: Trevor

If you can’t amaze them with your brilliance, dazzle them with your stupidity!

Submitted by: dranreb

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