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I always lie. Trust me.

Submitted by: AlexL

If you were a potato, you would be a good potato.

Submitted by: Emily

Why can’t I get any soup with this fork?

Submitted by: A Stupid Friend

We are all stupid, the only difference is the degree of our stupidity.

Submitted by: prf Nkhamu

I have two sons. Both are boys.

Submitted by: Mark

62.3% of all statistics are made up.

Submitted by: Dwight

Once upon a time, every person on earth were extremely intelligent, then the TV was invented.

Submitted by: Snake

To kill a mocking bird. Now that’s one less bird that will wake you up, with it’s chirping!

Submitted by: Lex

Video games – the virtual world which always offer you the second chance whenever you lose.

Submitted by: smelodon

If aliens come down to earth looking for intelligent life. Wrong planet. Sorry.

Submitted by: DAVE
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