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The worst superstition is to consider our own tolerable.
– Doris Lessing

Men become superstitious, not because they have too much imagination, but because they are not aware that they have any.
– George Santayana

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No one is so thoroughly superstitious as the godless man.
– Harriet Beecher Stowe

Superstition is a senseless fear of God.
– Cicero

Superstitions are, for the most part, but the shadows of great truths.
– Tryon Edwards

Superstition is the poison of the mind.
– Joseph Lewis

Superstition was with me at that moment, but it was not yet her hour for complete victory.
– Charlotte Brontë

When it’s your fourth marriage, you tend to lose faith in superstitions.
– Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The superstitious one will never walk upon a grave. It’s said that its sinful in the day and terrible bad luck in the dark.
– C.L. Bevill

Superstition is another word for Everyday life.
– Lionel Suggs

You may substitute knowledge for superstition without satisfying the needs that drive people into superstition’s arms.
– Susan Neiman

I am all for curses and superstition, but there’s a point at which they start getting in the way. That point had arrived.
– Tahir Shah

Superstition is the belief in the causal nexus.
– Ludwig Wittgenstein

Superstition has been defined as the use of a form whose significance has been forgotten.
– Dion Fortune

Superstition is cowardice in the face of the Divine.
– Theophrastus

My mother believed in all superstitions, plus she made some up.
– Donald E. Westlake

With their backs to the sunrise they worship the night.
– Robert G. Ingersoll

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