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I’m not bossy, I just know better.;)

Submitted by: Hulahop

I know I’m awesome just… You’re not.

Submitted by: elster

Life is tough so,wear a helmet

Submitted by: srikanth

You’re just jealous because the doctor says I’m special.

Submitted by: Pie


Submitted by: Shann

Warning: I sometimes spontaneously combust.

Submitted by: fieryhot

Warning: You might fall in love with me.

Submitted by: Yungluki

I bought this shirt just to make you look and wast your time, I am gonna return it.

Submitted by: heavy B

If you can read this you’re too close……that would mean back the freak up.

Submitted by: chad

You call it
I call it

Submitted by: Rituja

I can’t help it that i’m awesome!

Submitted by: madi

99% of the guys in this world have brains, the rest are at my college.

Submitted by: raghu

Just because you have no swag.. Doesn’t mean you can copy mine.

Submitted by: Maraya robbins

The Tallest Midget

Submitted by: s to the eye

Keep looking at me and you will be my next victim.

Submitted by: heidi k

When life give you a lemon. Squeeze it in his eyes and take his wallet.

Submitted by: Hulcus

The message on this shirt is only visible to perverts.

Submitted by: Steve

Borrow money from pessimists, they don’t expect it back.

Submitted by: Sue

Don’t tell me I have no life I’m not the one reading this shirt.

Submitted by: marcus

No, not you, the pretty one
No I swear I’m in college
Don’t set yourself on fire… It kinda hurts

Submitted by: Rai

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