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GOD is busy….. Can I help you!!!

Submitted by: praful gawade

I’m sorry My fault I forgot you are an idiot.

Submitted by: KAFIL KHAN

Umm I was gonna say somthing but I forgot……

Submitted by: emily

My dad is an ATM

Submitted by: Mahiban

Normal is Boring!!!!!

Submitted by: SupernandaTM

Rule 01: Don’t stop reading.
Rule 02: Read rule 03
Rule 03: Read rule 02

Submitted by: Lucas

I know it.

Submitted by: simeona

Does this shirt makes me look fat?

Submitted by: shahzeb

I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce.

Submitted by: Marc Caprolione

(on front)Hey girl what’s your name?…(on back)Too lazy and proud to talk.

Submitted by: TN

Don’t look at me like that…yaaa I mean you..jeeezzzz..!!!

Submitted by: thapelo

Girls call me frankie dettori because i’m used to coming first

Submitted by: ted

I’m very cool
Ice cubes are so jealous!!!!

Submitted by: Vrushal

– Im my wife’s personal ATM machine

Submitted by: Richard

I know what are you doing right now. You’re looking at me right?
I think you better watch your foot steps than looking at my back.
If you read this, you are stupid. HAHA. It’s to late now. You’ve read it already. ;)

Submitted by: jacklyn

Mind your own business unless provoked.

Submitted by: lithungo

“Why these kids looking at me, I am not their Dad”

Submitted by: Ajay Ghai

Do Not Read.

Submitted by: Bruce the Juice

There is only one corner of the universe that you are certain of improving and that is your own self

Submitted by: andi

I am what you dream to be…

Submitted by: SLOGGER

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