T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

People like you are the reason people like me need medication.

There is intelligent life on Earth, but I’m just visiting.

We should forgive our enemies, but only after they’ve been taken out and shot.

No sense in being pessimistic It wouldn’t work anyway.

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Submitted by: me

Beer will save the world…I don’t know how..but it will.

T-Shirt Quote: Beer will save the world…I don’t know...

Submitted by: kunal
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Caution: I have multiple- personality disorder and I’m out of my minds.

Submitted by: The Self-Proclaimed Psychopath

I’m not the girl your mom warned you about, her imagination was never this good.

Submitted by: mc

Life’s Too Short To Date Ugly Women.

Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.
– Evelyn Waugh

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