T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

I’m the one who won…

Submitted by: JohnPraisonIngersoll

I don’t have a problem with drink/work or stupid people they all have a problem with me!!

Submitted by: BESS

My favorite t- shirt .. – > Insufficient memory at this time..

Submitted by: jack

(In front side with tortoise picture)
Life is hard so I have got a thick shell.

Submitted by: prashant patil

Basically I rock…

Submitted by: mash

Shame on U girls,
I’m still a bachelor.

Submitted by: Rajeesh A.r

What are you lookin at

Submitted by: shahzeb

Don’t look at me like that…yaaa I mean you..jeeezzzz..!!!

Submitted by: thapelo

Umm I was gonna say somthing but I forgot……

Submitted by: emily

When god made man she was only kidding.

Submitted by: wings of freedom

I’m not that drunk.

Submitted by: buyog


Submitted by: $PAWAS$

When God created me, he was showing off to zeus!
Wanna hear a secret? (on back) then go ask your little sister!
Ahem. My face is up there ^ some people are so stupid!.

Submitted by: Lily Potter

Carry your own emotional baggage!

Submitted by: Alza

Your boyfriend thinks I’m hot, are you aware?

Submitted by: Chandi..

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m awesome. Lets not make a big deal of it.

Submitted by: to_legit_to_quit

100% Good Quality…Expiring Date: Three Wash

Submitted by: tezford

Love me or hate me….I’m yours
CAUTION! I am drunk
I am single but ready to mingle
Hmm…can we talk!!

Submitted by: vishal

I’m very cool
Ice cubes are so jealous!!!!

Submitted by: Vrushal

Rule 01: Don’t stop reading.
Rule 02: Read rule 03
Rule 03: Read rule 02

Submitted by: Lucas

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