T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings - Page 17

Beer will save the world…I don’t know how..but it will.

Submitted by: kunal

Smile, you’re looking at me.

Submitted by: sunflower096

All men are idiots And I married their king.

Why get married? I already get it all with no strings attached.

Homework Is A Waste Of Trees.

Submitted by: Kagura

This T- shirt turns green in the company of morons.

Submitted by: Jacky Khatri

Tell your girlfriend I said Thanks!

Submitted by: danielle

I’m with Stupid.

Fat people are harder to abduct.

Submitted by: johnny

And you wonder why I don’t listen to you!
Sometimes I wonder why I even talk to you!
Don’t worry, I’ll pretend I care!
I’m not listening!

Submitted by: Abby
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