T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

99% of all women are beautiful
the remaining 1 % are in my college……

Submitted by: jasmine

I’m just like you.. Only better and smart looking.:D

Submitted by: chocoromz

You must be this tall to ride

Submitted by: Pete

Girls, don’t cry, I’ll be back…!

Submitted by: larsen olivera

I Rock , Therefore I Am.

Submitted by: Aswins

You read my t- shirt!!!
the quote vanished!!

Submitted by: Arijit

You know what’s funny… (back) your face

Submitted by: kenny

There is only one corner of the universe that you are certain of improving and that is your own self

Submitted by: andi

Some 1 give me an x- tra shirt
i just scribbled on it

Submitted by: aadithya

WARNIG:Reading this shirt may be harmful to sensative readers, but your going to read it any way.

Submitted by: CntCarnage

Just 2 for the price of 3!

Submitted by: Hanne

“Don’t get smart, stay stupid..”

Submitted by: Rob

If you see the police, warn a brother!

Submitted by: Durimi

I don’t like your face…make my day and look away.

Submitted by: celeste

“Why these kids looking at me, I am not their Dad”

Submitted by: Ajay Ghai

I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce.

Submitted by: Marc Caprolione

I don’t have an attitude; its my personality.
Reciprocity works great; your are good, I’m great.
I am an angel; all you need is to put on your glasses well.

Submitted by: Kamini

Am not broke am just short on money

Submitted by: hal23

(Front) Don’t touch this!

Submitted by: shayanti

Normal is Boring!!!!!

Submitted by: SupernandaTM

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