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People look up after reading it.

Submitted by: bipin

99% of all women are beautiful
the remaining 1 % are in my college……

Submitted by: jasmine

I’m the one who won…

Submitted by: JohnPraisonIngersoll

Why are you reading my shirt?
They feel great.
He/She made me wear it.

Submitted by: Shemerald

I’m not spoilt. I deserve all my stuff.

Submitted by: fishstick

(On front) Not worried? U should b.
(On back) On my good days I’m worse.

Submitted by: Danni

Some 1 give me an x- tra shirt
i just scribbled on it

Submitted by: aadithya

When god made man she was only kidding.

Submitted by: wings of freedom

I talk about people behind their back… It’s called manners duh!

Submitted by: savannah

Virginity is a disease… And I’m the Doctor!!!!

Submitted by: shranta

“You’re not ugly, I’m just handsome”
“You don’t have long chin, your lips is just high”

Submitted by: billy

Hey, You look like my next boyfriend, I wanna try someone ugly this time!

Submitted by: ROXY

Approach me and say hello! If not you gonna have bad luck for the rest of your life.
Wonder what it likes looking from the front? (Back of t- shirt).

Submitted by: Ezan

GOD is busy….. Can I help you!!!

Submitted by: praful gawade

I’m sorry My fault I forgot you are an idiot.

Submitted by: KAFIL KHAN

Umm I was gonna say somthing but I forgot……

Submitted by: emily

My dad is an ATM

Submitted by: Mahiban

Normal is Boring!!!!!

Submitted by: SupernandaTM

Rule 01: Don’t stop reading.
Rule 02: Read rule 03
Rule 03: Read rule 02

Submitted by: Lucas

I know it.

Submitted by: simeona

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