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I’m sorry My fault I forgot you are an idiot.

Submitted by: KAFIL KHAN

Umm I was gonna say somthing but I forgot……

Submitted by: emily

My dad is an ATM

Submitted by: Mahiban

I’m in no shape to exercise.

Submitted by: jeeja h

Save a tree, Write a blog.

Submitted by: Courtney

Don’t waste my time, entertain me.

Submitted by: Tp007

Does this shirt match my shoes???
Hey! stop checking me out!

Submitted by: Triple M

I don’t mean to be rude, actually…yes I do!

Submitted by: justalittlekz

Hang on a sec im just reading my voicemail!

Submitted by: Moz

Look..but Don’t Touch…

Submitted by: killer

Their shirt is not like my shirt…

Submitted by: ryan atendido

Liquor!!! What? I don’t even know who she is…

Submitted by: SANDY

This shirt is not see-thru. The one underneath is.

Submitted by: joshua michael levinson

If you wanna keep your girl, keep her away from me.

Submitted by: keorn

Better read your books rather than reading my t- shirt.

Submitted by: santhosh kanna

You got 3 seconds 2 read my t- shirt

Submitted by: PuNK...

What are you looking for? All of the awesomeness you need is right here!

Submitted by: Rockstar Tia

You like what you see, huh?

Submitted by: Darryl Parryl

Think its not illegal yet

Submitted by: Maya

I would have called but I ran out of minutes.
If you’re reading this you’re in my way.

Submitted by: Hello kitty

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