T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

All roads lead to Roam

Submitted by: Chintzz

“B.M.W. :- Beer Motorcycle Women”

Submitted by: Ajay Ghai

I know what are you doing right now. You’re looking at me right?
I think you better watch your foot steps than looking at my back.
If you read this, you are stupid. HAHA. It’s to late now. You’ve read it already. ;)

Submitted by: jacklyn

Does this shirt makes me look fat?

Submitted by: shahzeb

Why are you reading my shirt?
They feel great.
He/She made me wear it.

Submitted by: Shemerald

I study female anatomy.

Submitted by: jomar magallanes

I bought it for cheap.
Don’t read this.

Submitted by: eri orenge

I am the future of America.
Be afraid.
Be VERY afraid.

Submitted by: I

Why me!

Submitted by: cruz munoz jr

Your heart is broken. Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Submitted by: bob the builder

Girls call me frankie dettori because i’m used to coming first

Submitted by: ted

My dad is an ATM

Submitted by: Mahiban

I talk about people behind their back… It’s called manners duh!

Submitted by: savannah

People look up after reading it.

Submitted by: bipin

I am with stupid ==>

Submitted by: x=JEMRICA=x

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