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Look at my shoes.
My mother forced me to wear this shirt.

Submitted by: mizi

People like you are the reason people like me need medication.
(on front) You can take your mask off…Halloween’s over and you are scaring me!
(on back) Oh wait, sorry that’s your face..

Submitted by: taylor and dallas

Keep on walking but look down, you will meet an ant asking for directions 10 steps ahead.
Careful while you walk on this street, I just murdered some ants and they’re looking out for revenge.
Surprise me (Back of t- shirt)

Submitted by: Ezan

Don’t keep looking at me unless you want to compliment me about my looks.
Don’t keep looking at me or you will trip up ahead.
Don’t keep looking at me cause I’m not interested in you, it’s just that I’m smiling thinking about myself.

Submitted by: Ezan

This is not a plain t- shirt.

Submitted by: jazonix

What are you looking for? All of the awesomeness you need is right here!

Submitted by: Rockstar Tia

You like what you see, huh?

Submitted by: Darryl Parryl

Think its not illegal yet

Submitted by: Maya

I graduated from the school of money making.

Submitted by: glycoma

It takes skills to trip over flat surfaces.
If you can read this go make me a sandwich.

Submitted by: Zoe

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness.

Submitted by: Jesus Cortez

Out of my mind… back in five.

Submitted by: Tegan

Don’t waste a perfectly good opportunity; do it, before you can’t.

Submitted by: Jenna

May I have your MSN? I’m a hotmale.

Submitted by: John

It takes one to know one, Idiot!
Yes, the world does owe me a living.

Submitted by: Hello kitty

I know what you’re thinking…you’re right.

Submitted by: Franck

The below line is false.
The above line is true.

Submitted by: gav

Don’t look behind me love, I’m awesome !

Submitted by: jordan mauro

Blink carefully….
the world is changing.

Submitted by: Mujahid Ghalib

Drink responsibly, DON’T spill any!
If you think you are a player, good for you! I am the coach!
I’m like so HOT!

Submitted by: Nii

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