T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

It takes one to know one, Idiot!
Yes, the world does owe me a living.

Submitted by: Hello kitty

They say I should be more spontaneous…gonna plan it out first.

Submitted by: crissybabiee

Just because you have no swag.. Doesn’t mean you can copy mine.

Submitted by: Maraya robbins

People look up after reading it.

Submitted by: bipin

Mind your own business unless provoked.

Submitted by: lithungo

I May Look Calm… But In My Head, I’ve Killed You Three Times.

Submitted by: Mark Sipot

Quality never goes out of style.

Submitted by: glycoma

I graduated from the school of money making.

Submitted by: glycoma

When life give you a lemon. Squeeze it in his eyes and take his wallet.

Submitted by: Hulcus

I never finish anythi…

Submitted by: pete

When I die, I want my last words to be: “I left a million dollars under the…”

Submitted by: someone

Love me or hate me….I’m yours
CAUTION! I am drunk
I am single but ready to mingle
Hmm…can we talk!!

Submitted by: vishal

It takes skills to trip over flat surfaces.
If you can read this go make me a sandwich.

Submitted by: Zoe

Drink responsibly, DON’T spill any!
If you think you are a player, good for you! I am the coach!
I’m like so HOT!

Submitted by: Nii

Don’t tell me I have no life I’m not the one reading this shirt.

Submitted by: marcus

Relationships are like fat people, Most of them don’t work out!

Submitted by: jordan mauro

Don’t look behind me love, I’m awesome !

Submitted by: jordan mauro

You read my t- shirt!!!
the quote vanished!!

Submitted by: Arijit

I don’t mean to be rude, actually…yes I do!

Submitted by: justalittlekz

I’m not that drunk.

Submitted by: buyog

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