T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

I made a mistake once…
I thought I was wrong.

Submitted by: allaboutright

I’m very cool
Ice cubes are so jealous!!!!

Submitted by: Vrushal

This dog is a dog good dog way dog dog to dog trick dog an dog idiot dog for dog 30 dog seconds dog …now read without the word dog.

Submitted by: Sarah Almofti

I talk about people behind their back… It’s called manners duh!

Submitted by: savannah

Rule 01: Don’t stop reading.
Rule 02: Read rule 03
Rule 03: Read rule 02

Submitted by: Lucas

(and a few other Japanese words..)

Submitted by: Isabella Ly

If being good looking is a sin, then I apologize.

Submitted by: JOE

Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness.

Submitted by: Jesus Cortez

Better read your books rather than reading my t- shirt.

Submitted by: santhosh kanna

You look like my Next Girlfriend..

Submitted by: Rudra

Keep Starring I Might Do A Trick.

Submitted by: MASHMELLOW >3

Fat people are harder to abduct.

Submitted by: johnny

If you wanna keep your girl, keep her away from me.

Submitted by: keorn

Was that an Earthquake of did I just rock your world?

Submitted by: unpridikted

I’m in no shape to exercise.

Submitted by: jeeja h

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