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Tell your girlfriend I said Thanks!

Submitted by: danielle

Also available in sober.

Submitted by: morph

If you find me asleep in the middle of the street, please return me to the pub.

Submitted by: vuvu

I was born cool but global warming made me hot. :- )

Submitted by: MoOn the untold legacy

Borrow money from pessimists, they don’t expect it back.

Submitted by: Sue

I know KARATE…and several other oriental words..

Submitted by: Lucy-Jane

I don’t have an attitude; its my personality.
Reciprocity works great; your are good, I’m great.
I am an angel; all you need is to put on your glasses well.

Submitted by: Kamini

Virginity is not dignity, it is just lack of opportunity.

Submitted by: Pinoy pride

(Front) Don’t touch this!

Submitted by: shayanti

Hey, You look like my next boyfriend, I wanna try someone ugly this time!

Submitted by: ROXY

Woke up this morning and decided to be awesome.

Submitted by: hifba

If you can read this you’re too close……that would mean back the freak up.

Submitted by: chad

Watch your step while you are busy reading my t- shirt.

Submitted by: hany

(on front)Hey girl what’s your name?…(on back)Too lazy and proud to talk.

Submitted by: TN

So, you like reading t- shirts? I have more at my place…

Submitted by: benjamin

I’m the one who won…

Submitted by: JohnPraisonIngersoll

I’m allergic to stupid people.

Submitted by: line

Slow and Steady….Never…wins the race…

Submitted by: Nikhil

Just 2 for the price of 3!

Submitted by: Hanne

Come to the dark side we’ve got cookies.
(Back of the shirt) Are you surprised we lied about having cookies?
I can only be nice to one person a day. Today is not your day.. Tomorrow doesn’t look so good either!

Submitted by: Lola Reid

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