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Blink if you want me!

Submitted by: MP

I Rock , Therefore I Am.

Submitted by: Aswins

Don’t follow me. I’m lost too.

Submitted by: joma

Hey, Wanna know how to keep an idiot waiting…”I’ll tell you tomorrow”…

Submitted by: varun

Ok!!!! you r looking at me…

Submitted by: sumit

You call it
I call it

Submitted by: Rituja

(Front side of woman’s t- shirt)
This t- shirt slogan is written in braille.

Submitted by: fieryhot

Warning: I sometimes spontaneously combust.

Submitted by: fieryhot

I’m not deaf, I’m ignoring you!

Submitted by: muchacho

Single again but now with experience.

Submitted by: hitesh

Caution: I have multiple- personality disorder and I’m out of my minds.

Submitted by: The Self-Proclaimed Psychopath

(On a bright yellow shirt)
When there are idiots around, this shirt turns yellow.

Submitted by: FuZyDUCK

Shame on U girls,
I’m still a bachelor.

Submitted by: Rajeesh A.r

WARNIG:Reading this shirt may be harmful to sensative readers, but your going to read it any way.

Submitted by: CntCarnage

Don’t look at me like that…yaaa I mean you..jeeezzzz..!!!

Submitted by: thapelo

I’m lost please take me home with you.

Submitted by: bansi

You got 3 seconds 2 read my t- shirt

Submitted by: PuNK...

Why me!

Submitted by: cruz munoz jr

Umm I was gonna say somthing but I forgot……

Submitted by: emily

I bought it for cheap.
Don’t read this.

Submitted by: eri orenge

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