T-Shirt Quotes and Sayings

Beware…you’re the next victim.

Submitted by: clifeen

Read books,
not t- shirts.

Submitted by: me

Don’t look at me, that’s not my child.

Submitted by: kelly

If I can’t have it I steal it.

Submitted by: Moomoo

Normal is Boring!!!!!

Submitted by: SupernandaTM

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m awesome. Lets not make a big deal of it.

Submitted by: to_legit_to_quit

The message on this shirt is only visible to perverts.

Submitted by: Steve

I’m not the girl your mom warned you about, her imagination was never this good.

Submitted by: mc

I’m just like you.. Only better and smart looking.:D

Submitted by: chocoromz

Don’t blame me I was born this awesome!
It may look like I’m listening, but really I’m destroying you in my mind.
(On front)I bet you can’t read the back of my shirt…
(Back of shirt) I bet you can’t read the front of my shirt…
(You say) Why are you walking around me!!!
(Really small print) If you are close enough to read this, I’m probably glaring at you!!

Submitted by: A

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