Victory Quotes, Sayings about winning

Victory is gained by resolution and determination. (Prophet Mohammad (s))

Submitted by: taskeen

Those who try their best, shall have victory, while those who tried without effort don’t deserve it.

Submitted by: re ^-^

The person that said winning isn’t everything never won anything.

Submitted by: Nate

Victory is earned best when being a good sportsman about winning.

Submitted by: guitargoalie16

Your right, there is no ” I ” in team but there is a ” M ” and an ” E ”

Submitted by: Ryan

Hardwork doesnt promise success, But lack of Hardwork does promise one thing that is Failure!

Submitted by: Fernando E. Bernal

Pain is temporary, but winning is forever! <3 soccer <3.

Submitted by: Claire G.

There is no elevator to success you must take the steps

Submitted by: mike

You can’t just go out there and expect to win. You have to work hard and prove yourself.

Submitted by: Katelyn

The best team doesnt always win, its the team that plays the best.

Submitted by: Will the Great

The harder the battle the sweeter the victory…

Submitted by: Lila

Winning isn’t everything. But it sure feels good.

Submitted by: Faith

Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
Vince Lombardi

Anything can be gained back except wasted time.

Submitted by: christina nelson

Victory can come by cheating but the satisfaction of victory comes from workin’ hard

Submitted by: Forgotten

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