Victory Quotes, Sayings about winning - Page 4

Victory is only for those who dare to admit defeat…

Submitted by: stekke03

1.To be a winner you have to be a team player.
2. TO be a leader in victory means the world but to be a leader in defeat means heartbreak.

Submitted by: Sarah

Always Remember…

Submitted by: ArtCometa

The trier tries and fails, the doer does and succeeds

Submitted by: Asif Nawaz Malik

Victory is earned best when being a good sportsman about winning.

Submitted by: guitargoalie16

Winning isn’t everything. But it sure feels good.

Submitted by: Faith

You don’t need anyone, you only need your true self

Submitted by: Bissan Ghanem

Victory is with in EVERYONE’S reach, some just have longer arms…

Submitted by: Mia :p

Those who try their best, shall have victory, while those who tried without effort don’t deserve it.

Submitted by: re ^-^

Winning isn’t everything but losing is nothing.

Submitted by: rallarbrallan

There’s no substitute for victory.

Submitted by: ian pante

There are no free rides on the rode to ViCtOrY

Submitted by: SaRaH

There’s no I in TEAM… But there is in WIN

Submitted by: Raegan

Your right, there is no ” I ” in team but there is a ” M ” and an ” E “

Submitted by: Ryan

You can’t just go out there and expect to win. You have to work hard and prove yourself.

Submitted by: Katelyn

Victory is within our reach.

Submitted by: thuyeinphyo

Everything lies in your mind

Submitted by: Rahul

Success is simply defined contentment, being contented is not as far as being successful.

Submitted by: Lei

Anything can be gained back except wasted time.

Submitted by: christina nelson

A chance taken brings its own rewards to a wise man, and a choice to a foolish one.

Submitted by: Patti

Defaet never come to you unless you admit it..!!

Submitted by: shashi

The dictionary is the only place where success comes before work.
There is no “i” in “team”. But there is an “i” in “pie”…”meat pie”, which is an anagram of “team”…

Submitted by: ^_^

Hardwork doesnt promise success, But lack of Hardwork does promise one thing that is Failure!

Submitted by: Fernando E. Bernal

Victory is gained by resolution and determination. (Prophet Mohammad (s))

Submitted by: taskeen

By yielding you may obtain victory.

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