Victory Quotes, Sayings about winning - Page 7

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I attribute my success to this. I never gave or took any excuse.

Submitted by: Jello

Pain is temporary but quitting last forever.

Submitted by: someonee

The six W’s: Work will win when wishing won’t.

Submitted by: Vanea

Pain is only temporary victory lasts forever.

Submitted by: JJ

Everybody is a winner before the start of a competition, but the real winner comes after the competition is over.

Submitted by: MUEKE

They say losing makes one stronger. We say winning, you must have been strong already.

Submitted by: Lauren

To gain victory in life you need determination and focus.

Submitted by: tonymzy

In every road of life, there would be a race; whether you are alone or not, you must always focus on the goal of winning the game.

Submitted by: Bhebz

Victory is sweetest for those who have known defeat.

Submitted by: tom

The value of victory can only be known when you loose.

Submitted by: Fotoh Lazarus Elad
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