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The only good reason to wake up in the morning is to play volleyball!<3

Submitted by: hannah

You thought it was hard receiving my serve … Wait until you see me spike it right through your hands!

Submitted by: Charbel

This aint no game for a drama team

Submitted by: volibalfreak

Without volleyball in life it would be like going to an all girls school!

Submitted by: erin

Winning isn’t everything its just that losing, really sucks!!

Submitted by: Chelsie

You can only win by wanting it. If they win, you didn’t want it.

Submitted by: em

Volleyball doesn’t only require skills. It also requires a strong fighting heart.

Submitted by: JVince

Comin in hot! gonna jump serve some aces, pancake up some misplaced dinks, give some facials, and block some powerless attacks. Gotta love the game and give the heart!

Submitted by: KaSsIdY

In life all you need is a ball, a net and those losers on the other side to raise your self esteem!

Submitted by: Volleyball Allstar!

The only reason I go to school is to play volleyball.

Submitted by: dando(01)

The only thing that makes a day better is volleyball.
Volleyball: Live it, Love it, Play it, and practice, it is the effort that makes winning possible, so practice with everything you have and play hard, Win Hard.

Submitted by: Volleyball#20

Volleyball: Pass it on!

Submitted by: heidi

If you want to be a star, you have to show it!(:
Our heart. Our game. Our season.<3

Submitted by: hannah

I think you should shut up and hit the ball.

Submitted by: chelsea

I wouldn’t ever leave my team, not even for $1,000,000. They are my world and were all like sisters. We never fight, we never brag, all we do is cry, scream, and smile, because to us we win every thing, even if we get second every time, and sometimes it can mean going the season undefeated. But that doesnt matter, cause we got each other and thats all we care about. I love you girls!
Love ya always! LeaRae#20

Submitted by: we got 1st out of 74 teams!

Cookies, cookies , cookies and cream what’s the matter with the other team…?
Nothin, nothin, nothin at all. They just (clap,clap) can’t play ball!

Submitted by: haley

Our passes are good…But our spikes are priceless!!!

Submitted by: Kylee =D

You forgot something at your home your A game.:)

Submitted by: Mekaiya

Lose and smile, win and laugh.

Submitted by: LIbero_13

Would you like a manicure with that facial?

Submitted by: Wildcats

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