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I think it’s time you and your little friends you call teammates face reality!, you are about to get beat!, and trust me you won’t think twice about looking back.

Submitted by: Rachel

There is only one reason I wake up … To Play Volleyball.:p

Submitted by: sarah

Volleyball isn’t about just beating the other team.. It’s about beating the other team to the GROUND!

Submitted by: MAYA

Did you got what it takes to be unstoppable?

Submitted by: Abby

I’d hit that.

Submitted by: sunshine

Inspiration. Pass it on.

Submitted by: settergurl5

Commit to the lord and your plans will succeed. Getting ready for competition. Volleyball <3

Submitted by: sofiadote

Whatever options my loved ones could give me but volleyball comes first. Take it or leave.

Submitted by: cee

Every girls volleyball team needs a water boy.

Submitted by: taylorrr07

JGUTT = just give us the trophy

Submitted by: setter4ever



This is my court! Dont come back until your sure you will win. So, I guess we’ll never see eachother again! BiBi!!

Submitted by: we got 1st out of 74 teams!

You haven’t seen good until you’ve seen us!

Submitted by: Madelynn

Boy you wish you could hit like a girl! But since you can’t jump to the top of the net, we’ll let it slide! Across the court that is!

Submitted by: SammyChick

If you want to score you have to spike.

Submitted by: mikin ike

If there’s a cinderella story, it’ll be told on our floor.
I got it from a magazine but I love it!!

Submitted by: Jes

Volleyball is the life. I don’t know what I would do without it!
Just a tip: DIG, SET and then SPIKE it back so HARD the opponents don’t see it! Then you WIN!!!!!

Submitted by: Volleyball chick for LIFE!!!!!!!!!

If you want to win a game you have to practice. If you want to win another game you have to practice. If you want to keep on winning you have to practice. A lot of people think you just need to practice once or twice… But it’s not that way! PERIOD!

Submitted by: Alamovball

Volleyball players have to do two things. Play and keep their mouth shut.

Submitted by: Helen

I am so good your mom cheers for me!!

Submitted by: Desi

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