Volleyball Quotes and Sayings

There is only one reason I wake up … To Play Volleyball.:p

Submitted by: sarah

Commit to the lord and your plans will succeed. Getting ready for competition. Volleyball <3

Submitted by: sofiadote

I’d hit that.

Submitted by: sunshine

Inspiration. Pass it on.

Submitted by: settergurl5

Volleyball is the life. I don’t know what I would do without it!
Just a tip: DIG, SET and then SPIKE it back so HARD the opponents don’t see it! Then you WIN!!!!!

Submitted by: Volleyball chick for LIFE!!!!!!!!!

JGUTT = just give us the trophy

Submitted by: setter4ever

Win and play horrible.
Lose and have had play the best game of your career???

Submitted by: Kassi B

License to Kill!!

Submitted by: lindsey

If there’s a cinderella story, it’ll be told on our floor.
I got it from a magazine but I love it!!

Submitted by: Jes

Boy you wish you could hit like a girl! But since you can’t jump to the top of the net, we’ll let it slide! Across the court that is!

Submitted by: SammyChick

This is my court! Dont come back until your sure you will win. So, I guess we’ll never see eachother again! BiBi!!

Submitted by: we got 1st out of 74 teams!

Whatever options my loved ones could give me but volleyball comes first. Take it or leave.

Submitted by: cee

Volleyball players have to do two things. Play and keep their mouth shut.

Submitted by: Helen

If you want to score you have to spike.

Submitted by: mikin ike

You haven’t seen good until you’ve seen us!

Submitted by: Madelynn



Every girls volleyball team needs a water boy.

Submitted by: taylorrr07

Set it up!! Spike it DOWN!!!

Submitted by: David

I am so good your mom cheers for me!!

Submitted by: Desi

If you want to win a game you have to practice. If you want to win another game you have to practice. If you want to keep on winning you have to practice. A lot of people think you just need to practice once or twice… But it’s not that way! PERIOD!

Submitted by: Alamovball

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