Volleyball Quotes and Sayings - Page 2

Practice perfect today, play like a champion tomorrow.

Submitted by: Alex

Serve em up, slam em down.

Submitted by: volleyball chick

Our game is tighter than our spandex
attack v. To set upon the ball with such a force that your opponents go home crying to mommy.

Submitted by: diggthtball


Submitted by: Katee

Blocking=rejecting the ball so hard it knocks grandma off the bleachers.

Submitted by: Brooke

Some call them opponents I call them VICTIMS!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Brittany

You wish you could hit like a girl!!!!!!

Submitted by: the best

Team=Together Everyone Achieves More

Submitted by: jordan

In OUR hearts In YOUR face

Submitted by: Aryn

War wounds are markings of a true athlete.
Man, that girl would look great with a bloody nose and a black eye.
The only appropriate time to use the phrase “rip one” is when you’re playing volleyball
There is no glory in practice but without practice there can be no glory.
Over the years there’s been 992 tears, 603 floor burns, 522 bruises, 143 jammed fingers, and 19 bloody noses…..that means I have a lot of apology letters to write.

Submitted by: Caroline
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