Volleyball Quotes and Sayings

When somebody says volleyball is easy you suddenly turn into a star boxer because no one insults your sport and gets away with it.

Submitted by: Volley gurl

Will is greater than skill.
Will > Skill

Submitted by: tay B

Yes, as a matter of fact my world does revolve around volleyball.

Submitted by: christina

Volleyball is not just a passion; it’s life.

Submitted by: middle hitter

The Six W’s
Work Will Win When Wishing Won’t.

Submitted by: Kassi B

Dont let the pretty ball touch the floor!
– my team used that when we were in jr.high

Submitted by: Tori

You wish you could hit like a girl

Volleyball Quote: You wish you could hit like a...

Submitted by: sportyxoxo12

The worst team can beat the best team on their worst day.

Submitted by: Coach Ralph

I can’t, I have volleyball.

Submitted by: Morgan

Winning is when you’ve given it all you’ve got, and it comes from the heart. You can never lose regardless of what the score reads.

Submitted by: i luv vb

Doesn’t matter how tall you are or how short you are. All that matters is team work!

Submitted by: Think Pink Girl

Fight for your position or don’t play at all.

Submitted by: VB gurl

Bump, Set , Spike!Yeah thats right I play like a girl gotta problem with that.

Submitted by: volleyball girl

Its not how big you are, its how big you play.

Submitted by: little fierro

Your coach will never yell at you, he will just explain they game very loudly with a mean face.
The will to win is meaningless without they will to practice.
You can do school volleyball, you can do club and private lessons, but no matter what, you have to have your team.

Submitted by: Joder

As long as I’m playing volleyball I’m happy.

Submitted by: m.v.p

We’ve got 2 words for all you pretenders, look- alikes, and wanna- bees… NICE TRY.

Submitted by: lvbrGIRL

Keep playing tell the whistle blows.
Never give up.
That ball wasn’t impossible to dig. You just didn’t want it enough to get it.

Submitted by: Amber S

Make the play first, then decide if it was impossible

Submitted by: Domination

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

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