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The Six W’s
Work Will Win When Wishing Won’t.

Submitted by: Kassi B

Dont let the pretty ball touch the floor!
– my team used that when we were in jr.high

Submitted by: Tori

Yes, as a matter of fact my world does revolve around volleyball.

Submitted by: christina

You wish you could hit like a girl

Submitted by: sportyxoxo12

The worst team can beat the best team on their worst day.

Submitted by: Coach Ralph

Volleyball is not just a passion; it’s life.

Submitted by: middle hitter

Winning is when you’ve given it all you’ve got, and it comes from the heart. You can never lose regardless of what the score reads.

Submitted by: i luv vb

Coming together is a begging, staying together is progress,
and working together is sucess.

Submitted by: Malynda

Doesn’t matter how tall you are or how short you are. All that matters is team work!

Submitted by: Think Pink Girl

Fight for your position or don’t play at all.

Submitted by: VB gurl
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