Volleyball Quotes and Sayings

If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score?
– Vince Lombardi

Submitted by: bvolleyball909

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend could play like me?.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent, perfect practice makes perfect.

Their is no I in team, but their is an I in WIN n that’s why I play.

Lets see.. My boyfriend or my volleyball, my volleyball or my boyfriend.. He’ll get over it.

Bump, set, spike. Yeah I play like a girl.. Gotta problem with that?

Submitted by: CheyAnne

Most people will celebrate with a beer after a win, but for me, I celebrate with the comfort of knowing my opponents never want to see me again.

Submitted by: Setter365

Work will win when wishing wont

Submitted by: lilly

“To be prepared is half the victory.”
– Miguel Cervantes

Submitted by: Madi

Anyone serious about playing indoor, you should play outdoor.

You weak spikin’, no blockin’,net servin’,face diggin’,no passing, 15- 0 losers.


We’re the reason your coach makes you practice.

Submitted by: Kristen

And somehow, somewhere, there was that little girl who picked up a volleyball and fell in love with the game.

Submitted by: LoveTheGame

The key is not the “will to win” – everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.
– Bobby Knight

Submitted by: bvolleyball909

Volleyball is 20 percent luck and 80 percent style.

My heart says, I love volleyball and I just can’t imagine what my life would be without volleyball. <3

Submitted by: ivy

Volleyball is not about winning, it’s about being the best you can be out on the court.

Submitted by: tiffany_wong07

Bump, set spike it…thats the way we like it
some wish for it…we work for it.

Submitted by: bella mangola

Winning isnt everything
Playing hard is everything.

Submitted by: Demika

Never let anyone get in your way of doing what you love.

Submitted by: Sarah

Volleyball is like a life when you spike, it feels like you have punched someone. When you block, it feels like blocking every bad feelings that you have and when you dig, it feels like digging a pot of gold from the ground.:)

Submitted by: ranielle rosales

Baby girl you don’t know what life is about until you play volleyball.

Submitted by: Ryley Myers

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