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All the broken bones wounds cuts burns and boo boos are proof that you are a true athlete and care enough about your team to be willing to get hurt and suffer the pain as long as yall win and have fun doing it that is!

Submitted by: Christina Asic power

“They’re only as good as we allow them to be.”
“You’re only as good as I [we] allow you to be.”

Submitted by: brittanyaleece

I think you should shut up and hit the ball.

Submitted by: chelsea

WILL is greater than the SKILL!

Submitted by: Cami

If volleyball was a drug. I would take a hit!

Submitted by: Volleyball Mom

Would you like a manicure with that facial?

Submitted by: Wildcats

If volleyball was easy, guys would do it.

Submitted by: volleyballjo7

Give them a reason to fear us!

Submitted by: we got 1st out of 74 teams!

Volleyball isn’t about just beating the other team.. It’s about beating the other team to the GROUND!

Submitted by: MAYA

I think it’s time you and your little friends you call teammates face reality!, you are about to get beat!, and trust me you won’t think twice about looking back.

Submitted by: Rachel

Lose and smile, win and laugh.

Submitted by: LIbero_13

Practice does NOT make perfect. Practice makes permanent. PERFECT practice makes perfect.
– I got this quote from my FAVORITE basketball coach that has taught me for 3years.
COACH BRISTOW!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Submitted by: Kelly. (:

Dont let the pretty ball touch the floor!
– my team used that when we were in jr.high

Submitted by: Tori

My boyfriend told me to choose between him and Volleyball.. Gosh.. I am really going to miss him!

Submitted by: Maddie

In life all you need is a ball, a net and those losers on the other side to raise your self esteem!

Submitted by: Volleyball Allstar!

Bump, Set , Spike!Yeah thats right I play like a girl gotta problem with that.

Submitted by: volleyball girl

You can only win by wanting it. If they win, you didn’t want it.

Submitted by: em

Cookies, cookies , cookies and cream what’s the matter with the other team…?
Nothin, nothin, nothin at all. They just (clap,clap) can’t play ball!

Submitted by: haley

Volleyball: Pass it on!

Submitted by: heidi

Whatever options my loved ones could give me but volleyball comes first. Take it or leave.

Submitted by: cee

You forgot something at your home your A game.:)

Submitted by: Mekaiya

Without volleyball in life it would be like going to an all girls school!

Submitted by: erin

I wouldn’t ever leave my team, not even for $1,000,000. They are my world and were all like sisters. We never fight, we never brag, all we do is cry, scream, and smile, because to us we win every thing, even if we get second every time, and sometimes it can mean going the season undefeated. But that doesnt matter, cause we got each other and thats all we care about. I love you girls!
Love ya always! LeaRae#20

Submitted by: we got 1st out of 74 teams!

I’d hit that.

Submitted by: sunshine

Volleyball: 10% fierceness, 40% heart, 10% skill, and 50% spandex!!!!
If you are not playing 110% then God will be very upset with YOU!!!

Submitted by: kendalle

If there ain’t any volleyball in heaven, then im not going :)

Submitted by: bumpsetspike2345

My dad said before,
“Son, you better stop volleyball or stop your studies..”
Too bad, end of that year I received a warning letter regarding my class attendance!

Submitted by: Ryu Eshley

This aint no game for a drama team

Submitted by: volibalfreak

Did you got what it takes to be unstoppable?

Submitted by: Abby

Commit to the lord and your plans will succeed. Getting ready for competition. Volleyball <3

Submitted by: sofiadote

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