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If volleyball was easy they’d call it football.

Submitted by: alayna

Kiss my ace!
Live, Love, Laugh, Volleyball the main necessities.
Love like you never loved before, Live like you are going to die tomorrow, and Play like you mean it!
Volleyball is NOT a sport, its a lifestyle.

Submitted by: Ryan and Mac

Baby girl you don’t know what life is about until you play volleyball.

Submitted by: Ryley Myers

It doesn’t matter how good you look playing it, it matters how well you play it.

Submitted by: Ashh

Peace, Love, Volleyball

Submitted by: Volleyball_luver

Give them a reason to fear us!

Submitted by: we got 1st out of 74 teams!

Volleyball is like a life when you spike, it feels like you have punched someone. When you block, it feels like blocking every bad feelings that you have and when you dig, it feels like digging a pot of gold from the ground.:)

Submitted by: ranielle rosales

No game is impossible if your team wants it bad enough but you have to rely on your team, not yourself to win the game.

Submitted by: Brit

Are you really trying… Or am I just that good??

Submitted by: Abbs

If volleyball was a drug. I would take a hit!

Submitted by: Volleyball Mom

Volleyball is passion set on fire.
Ask me any question about what id rather have, and my answer to all… Is volleyball
The court is the dance club, and the players are the D.J.

Submitted by: maddieoo_v-baller (:

Practice does NOT make perfect. Practice makes permanent. PERFECT practice makes perfect.
– I got this quote from my FAVORITE basketball coach that has taught me for 3years.
COACH BRISTOW!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

Submitted by: Kelly. (:

Sometimes, the best way you can find out about a player is what his fellow players have to say about him. An even better way to get a feel for a player is to see what he has to say about his fellow players.

I was too cute to be a cheerleader so I play Volleyball.

Submitted by: Micah

What did you say? I couldn’t hear over my awesome hit.

Submitted by: libroness

You can only become a winner only if you are willing to play.

Submitted by: Rose

The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.

If you want to win, you got to show, prove, and give everything you have to do it.

Submitted by: hannah

Let’s settle this at the net.

I’m the one your boyfriend cheers for.

Submitted by: Volley_Gurl

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