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A good marriage is waking up next to each other after 15 years and still smiling at each other and hoping the journey together lasts many more years.

Submitted by: gail

Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they’re on the same side.

Submitted by: Genevieve Hernandez

Every time I see you I want to marry you, then it hits me that we are married.

Submitted by: Maselaelo

The beauty of the day wasn’t measured by the layers on the cake or the fabric of her dress, but by the way he looked at her when she walked down the aisle.

Wedding Quote: The beauty of the day wasn’t measured...

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Submitted by: Annette Jensen

If you want to know what your wife would look like when she’s old, try to see the face of your mother in- law.

Submitted by: Alex Dimoh

No man can live without woman.

Submitted by: james

Never laugh at any of your spouse’s choices, because you are one of them.

Submitted by: Vickie

A life without a wife is like a kitchen without a knife.

Submitted by: maxsattern

Do NOT marry if you have not learnt to say ‘SORRY’ sometimes even when you’re RIGHT, for the success of your married life depends mostly on your humble sorry.

Wedding Quote: Do NOT marry if you have not...

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Submitted by: Innocent Onwumere

Love is the foundation of marriage. And respect is the glue to a relationship. So if you breakdown the word “wedding” just remember: “we” comes before “i”.

Wedding Quote: Love is the foundation of marriage. And...

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Submitted by: Edward Aloisio
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