Wife Quotes, Sayings about wives

I do not want a husband who honours me as a queen, if he does not love me as a woman.
– Elizabeth I

A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong.

Me and my wife are happy. At least when we are not together.
Jarod Kintz

Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.
– Martin Luther King

Happy wife, happy life.
– Paul Orfalea

If you would have a good wife, marry one who has been a good daughter.
Thomas Fuller

One day my wife’s credit card got stolen.. what a relief it was to find that the thief spends less than my wife!

A female that remains loyal to you without a relationship is a female you should wife.

In this dirty minded world, you are either someone’s wife or someone’s whore.
– John Irving

Such bliss is not meant to last. In my husband’s house, my children were my real gifts.
– Ru Freeman


I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too – for being married so many times.
– Elizabeth Taylor

I cook to inspire my husband to pay attention to me.
– Sonia Rumzi

Nothing flatters a man as much as the happiness of his wife; he is always proud of himself as the source of it.
Samuel Johnson

A good wife makes a good husband.

Win the heart of your wife by helping her in kitchen so that she will surrender to you in response.

Submitted by: liaqath

When anybody’s wife praises her husband, he is known as good person.

Submitted by: liaqath

A happy wife is a happy life. Appreciate her

A man’s home is his wife’s castle.

A husband ignores his wife in each way and love his brother’s wife many ways.

Submitted by: chaitra

A man’s mother is his misfortune, but his wife is his fault.
– Walter Bagehot

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