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Any regrets are to be called a lesson learned.

Submitted by: heather

Take what someone gives you, but leave what is not yours.
Giving what you have is better than keeping it to yourself.

Submitted by: AwesomeLittleBoy

Never get too attached to anyone, it will lead to expectations and expectations always lead to disappointments…Anticipate everything and expect nothing.

Wise Quote: Never get too attached to anyone, it...

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“Best translator is one who translates somebody’s silence”

Submitted by: Sanaz

Look at what’s in front of you, don’t look back or look far in to the distance.

Submitted by: ?man

When you are going to court, you are putting your future in the hands of twelve people that are not smart enough to get out of jury duty.

Submitted by: David

Enjoy what you have today. Either it will be gone, or you will be gone.

Submitted by: The forgotten soldier

When People Try Bringing You Down In Life, It’s Only Because You’re Above Them.

Submitted by: Patricia

The more I know people … The more I respect animals.

Submitted by: el bego

The only person you have to impress in life is YOURSELF

Submitted by: Tatiana

Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit and wisdom is not putting tomatoes in a fruit salad.

Submitted by: BOD

Don’t regret things you did do, but things you didn’t.

Submitted by: Carl

Feel proud when peoples ignore you and thank God you missed the worst.
Sanjiv Dogra – Toronto 20th feb, 2012.

Submitted by: SANJIV DOGRA

There’s always something more to a person.

Wise Quote: There’s always something more to a person.

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Amateurs built The Arc, professionals built The Titanic.

Submitted by: Yennek

Never keep your head down, you’re better than many!

Submitted by: Ahmed Seoudy

My glass is half empty; But I can always get another pint!

Submitted by: Dan Woodier

Never buy a car that you can’t push

Submitted by: Tatiana

The wiser a man is, the less talkative will he be.
– Imam Ali

Submitted by: Secret

Not having any talents just means that you have to try harder

Submitted by: Ueki

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