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It’s a useless conversation whenever the least reliable participant is the most talkative.
Alan Robert Neal

“If I had what I want, I wouldn’t be so desperate…” is really “If I wasn’t so desperate, I might have what I want.”
Alan Robert Neal

I have never said I was proud of myself except jokingly when passing on a comic setup. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate myself; it means that thankful is better than boastful.
Alan Robert Neal

It’s a fool’s errand to water down the definition of normal (so that everyone feels included) while simultaneously proclaiming you’re special (just because you’re deluded).
Alan Robert Neal

You won’t receive an invitation if you keep inviting yourself.
Alan Robert Neal

No knee-jerk response should lead to long-term contemplation.
Alan Robert Neal

You can answer a door without letting someone in, just as you can acknowledge a thought without having to indulge it.
Alan Robert Neal

Whenever someone puts you in a position of having to initiate a conversation they should have initiated, whatever criticisms they have about what you should have said, or how you should have said it, are irrelevant.
Alan Robert Neal

Escalating frustration with some parts of your life into being upset about all of your life is like amputating a limb in response to missing the other.
Alan Robert Neal

To know when to be generous and when to be firm – this is wisdom.
Elbert Hubbard

Minds, nevertheless, are not conquered by arms, but by love and generosity.
– Baruch Spinoza

To trust yourself to test your limits. That is the courage to succeed.
– Bernard Edmonds

The irrelevance of a man should not be uttered by the dressing but by the empty word he utters.

Submitted by: Hon.Joseph Kwanya

Bring sweetness in your words, purity in your heart, and the whole world will become yours.
Anandmurti Gurumaa

A real lion doesn’t have to roar to let everyone to know he’s the king.

Submitted by: nevo assayag

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