Wise Quotes, Wisdom Sayings - Page 3

Never expect anything.
This way, you’ll never be disappointed.

Submitted by: Mike

Never challenge an old man, because if you lose, you’ve lost to an old man, and if you win, so what?

Submitted by: Rocco

If you can’t cook don’t tell someone their food needs salt.

Submitted by: benjamin

Never wrestle with a pig- you both get dirty but the pig likes it.

Submitted by: elgee

When “you” change, everything else changes.

Submitted by: Mike

Your problems are only as big as you make them.
They can seem like a ripple, or a tidal wave.
But you’re always the only one who creates it.

Submitted by: Panny

Better slow going somewhere than fast going nowhere.

Submitted by: Nyze-tee

You don’t make mistakes, mistakes make you.

Submitted by: Alli

Isn’t it ironic? We ignore who adore us, adore who ignore us, and hurt who love us.

Submitted by: kayla mariee (:

Never trust anyone completely, you are bound to get deceived

Submitted by: t
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