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Why be nice to people who have done wrong to you? Because you’re not like them.

Submitted by: Aaron

Courage is fire, and bullying is smoke.

Submitted by: thomas morris

Everyone’s a star, but it’s their choice whether they want to shine or not.:)

Submitted by: savannah

Nothing is cheap, nothing is expensive. People say it’s expensive because they have little in their pockets, and they say it’s cheap because they have more than enough in their pockets.

Submitted by: Calvin S Mabuta

Hope for good, but prepare for the worst.

Submitted by: abhijit

The one- eyed man doesn’t thank God until he sees a blind man.

Submitted by: harrison carter anane

Never use ‘always’ or ‘never’ because ‘never’ and ‘always’ are absolutes and absolutes will get you into trouble.

Submitted by: bholland

We are all born into this world as nothing more than a lump of clay, but it takes the hands of learning and life to mold us.

Submitted by: dingo clap.

Everyone has an equal chance, it’s the ones who take it that are the lucky ones.

Submitted by: Ashley Dunn

Never regret a word you say, because you meant every word you said, just the result of it is was not what you were expecting.

Submitted by: hannahthebeast

When one door closes, two more open. You choose your path.

Submitted by: M.D.L. Brackin

If you argue with a fool, it creates two fools.

Submitted by: John Martucci

Strive not to make your presence noticed, but your absence felt.

Submitted by: Monali

Technology without Humanity, is insanity.

Submitted by: Aayush

If you can’t beat them, then join them.

Submitted by: samantha

Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.

Submitted by: phyrrus

We don’t know how far the ripples of our decisions will go that’s why we must think things through before we make any hasty decisions, decide carefully.

Submitted by: Decisions

Never be blown away by the wind when the rain is coming to shower you with pure water.

Submitted by: Akoy Garang

Once bitten, twice shy.

Submitted by: steve

That girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills. That girl you just called ugly? She is putting on makeup for hours so you don’t have to see her ugly face. That boy you just tripped? He gets abused enough at home. That old man with the scars? He fought for our country. That lady with the distorted face? She was in a gas explosion. People don’t have to hurt, and you don’t have to hurt people. 99% of the time it might be a joke. But 99% of them don’t take it as a joke. Be careful about what you say about others, it can hurt them.

Submitted by: tracy

Jungle law only prevails when reason fails.

Submitted by: Aymar

Nothing turns out the way it was wanted, just how it was meant to be.

Submitted by: Teela Schwartz

I always wanted to be something, but now I see I should have been a little more specific.
No day is so bad that can’t be fixed with a nap.
My theory is that if you look confident, you can pull off anything- even if you have no clue what you’re doing.

Submitted by: Savannah

It is always better to be looked over, than overlooked.

Submitted by: p.verallo

Those who can’t accept others for what they are don’t accept themselves for who they are.

Submitted by: Jayshree

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