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Worry less, hope more; eat less, chew more; complain less, breathe more; speak less, tell more; hate less, love more; and everything good in your life will be yours.
Only those women see clearly, whose eyes had been washed by tears.
Words are dwarfs, examples are giants.
One man’s criticism worth more than a million men approval.
Whoever can make his mother cry, is the only one who can dry up her tears.
If you are determined to learn a teacher will appear!
You won’t find a way, you will be the way!
Nobody is perfect, the sun has its spots too.
The way to defeat a river is to follow its turns.
The real power is to rule over your own anger.
A problem talked about is halfway solved.
The truth can be bent, but never broken.

Submitted by: pannonian

A young man that lets others make choices for him will be lost, and the young man who makes his own choice will be a self made man, but the wise man that teaches this to young men has served his life well.

Submitted by: bobby joseph taylor

Greed is like filling a cup with a hole at the bottom, it will never fill.

Submitted by: tinomana

Judging people’s flaws will not help justify your own (insecurity).
Wise Quote: Judging people’s flaws will not help justify...

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Submitted by: happy

If you do things right people won’t be sure you did anything at all.

Submitted by: Jmark

Strong doesn’t mean you can beat up someone, strong means you can still put up that smile when behind it, you hide many tears.

Submitted by: Fatima

If you didn’t witness it with your eyes, don’t witness it with your mouth.
– May Hegazy

Submitted by: Larry.

To appreciate strength, one must experience weakness.

Submitted by: kj

Better a little caution than a great regret.

Submitted by: Orji P.Goody

Lead by example not words.

Submitted by: jari

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Submitted by: Joshua

A man’s real strength is not based on how hard he hits but how much he can take and keep on going.

Submitted by: adian

An easy task becomes difficult when you do it with reluctance.

Submitted by: Wesley Kijedi Isadia

Dwelling on negative thoughts is like fertilizing weeds.

Submitted by: prosper kesse

When the opinions of others do not matter you have truly mastered yourself.

Submitted by: warren brown

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
– Mahatma Gandhi

Submitted by: oussama sassine

Two things a man need; to think and to act.

Submitted by: samson noah

Respect can’t be found when you seek it for yourself, but when you give it to others, you will see that it will find its way back to you.

Submitted by: jahangir khilji

Never say you can’t if you haven’t tried it.

Submitted by: Little Gemini

Beware of the unwise for they try to grow apples with peach seeds.

Submitted by: anonamis

Know that the ones closest to us, who we love dearly, are also capable of inflicting the deepest ‘cut’ !

Submitted by: Laughalot

It is better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Submitted by: Sean Foster

When you are good to others you are best to yourself.

Submitted by: Muhammad Sohail

Everything in life is relative – and I do mean everything. Some will always have more than you and you will always have more than someone else.
Being weird or different should only be defined by location. The next time you see someone weird or different, remember that you could pick them up and put them somewhere else on the earth and they would be considered normal – AND you might be considered weird or different.

Submitted by: Dale Horn

The drum beat and music of the west, may differ from those of the east, so is it with the north and west, but they portray the same message.
Indecision is the starting point of life of misery.
Everyone may claim to love the king by the praises offered to him in his presence, try to find out what they say behind closed doors, that determine his true friends

Submitted by: moubuike callistus izunna

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