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Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

Wise Quote: Promote what you love instead of bashing...

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‘the winner of the rat- race will always remain a rat’

Submitted by: iYc3

When an adult trips, he turns to watch what caused it; when a minor trips, he turns to watch who is around.

Submitted by: Christopher k. Mensah

A critic is a man who judges what he cannot achieve.

Submitted by: Elle

A bad habit is like a comfortable bed, easy to get in difficult to get out.

Submitted by: someone

Make your own rules or be a slave to another man’s.
William Blake

Wise Quote: Make your own rules or be a...

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Diligence strengthens determination and perseverance. Industry produces success and happiness.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Ivy Lee

People can’t go wrong if you don’t let them & they can’t go right if unless you let them.

Submitted by: Oisa kings

He who recognizes a wise person, himself is wise coz he himself is wise enough to find that the other is wise!
(read it slowly…if you r wise you will get it!)

Submitted by: Fanoo

You only see the obstacles, when you take your eyes of the prize!

Submitted by: Matt
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