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A rolling stone gather no moss.

Submitted by: Aleana

If you can’t defeat him, let him win. The only thing he’ll feel is guilt.

Submitted by: Juliet

Don’t be the judge and jury of that of which you know nothing about…or of those who’s shoes you haven’t traveled in.

Submitted by: Jenny Hunziker

If you stare long enough into an abyss eventually someone will come along and push you in.

Submitted by: Yomama

Forgiveness doesn’t make the past better, but it makes better the future.
If you wanna be thankful for this day, Don’t fill your heart with regrets from yesterday and worries of tomorrow.
Not where I am born is my home, but there, where I am happy and well.

Submitted by: Hamid

If you want to discover new ocean, you must lose the sight of the shore.

Submitted by: albert

It’s ignorance, not bravery that makes a dog challenges a lion into a battle.

Submitted by: VALENTINE ABIA

Knowledge is in books, but wisdom comes by experience.

Submitted by: celestino

People fear not the darkness, but of what it may hide.
Being knowledgeable is knowing things, being smart is remembering that you know them.
A person who always trusts other people, does so because he can’t trust himself.
Trust not what people show you, but what they do when they don’t know you’re watching.
Without failure, would there be such thing as success?
The ones who ask questions find what they set out for. The ones who are quiet and observe find out all that they did not set out for.

Submitted by: anonymous

Anything that does not kill you only makes you stronger because a smooth ocean never made a skilled mariner.

Submitted by: naora

Don’t ever let anyone else tell you or make you feel worthless, because to someone else you just might be priceless!

Submitted by: Amayra R.

People do not agree with other peoples opinions but only agree with their own opinions when expressed by others.

Submitted by: kasasa Enock

It is easy for a young man to beat up an old man. But the difficult part is to watch the old man cry.

Submitted by: Nse Inyang

It’s only a stupid dog who runs after a flying bird.

Submitted by: prince amponsah

Anything in life worth having must be worth working for.
Don’t live your live trying to please other people because in the end you will forget to please yourself.
Don’t try to hide who you are because you might forget who you really are.

Submitted by: Shyblu

We spend a fortune on what looks good and even more on what feels good, only to find out what we really needed was free.

Submitted by: D C M

A man who treats his woman as a princess is a proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a Queen.

Submitted by: jovin

Don’t count your chicken before they’re hatched!

Submitted by: marnie villarosa

A brilliant idea without application is merely a wasted thought.

Submitted by: Mike W

The fear of rejection is the beginning of self- sabotage.

Submitted by: Mike W

If a tree wants to remain unbroken, it must learn to bend to the winds.

Submitted by: Collins. E

When People Try Bringing You Down In Life, It’s Only Because You’re Above Them.

Submitted by: Patricia

Wondering is the seed of genius.

Submitted by: Mocca, William

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.

Submitted by: Jesse Osborn

Simplicity is the main social characteristic and it prevails among individuals of great thought.

Submitted by: H.CHOWDHURY

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