Wise Quotes, Wisdom Sayings

Men were created with two ears and only one mouth. Listen twice as much as you speak.

Submitted by: Stephen Bogan

To measure one’s real value, take away assets. What are you now?

Submitted by: Su Guiyao

Without struggle there is no progress.

Submitted by: Dave

We love to control others when the only one we need to control is ourself.

Submitted by: tia

Higher the climb, harder the fall.

Submitted by: lance

It’s good to be honest but its better to be wise.

Submitted by: Abhishek

If you let people upset you, you are loading them with power.

Submitted by: DJ

If You Cant Remember How You Got A Scar, Then You Obviously Didn’t Go Through Enough Pain To Have It…

Submitted by: ShaneSixx

The power of choice is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon man.

Submitted by: Razza

I know enough to know that I know nothing.

Submitted by: AnthonyMcClain

When bricks stand wide apart in an open plain, they have no chance of even stopping an ant. But when they join together, they hold even the mightiest force.

Submitted by: yoo

In truth or in doubt, there is no shame in holding to your beliefs.

Submitted by: Captain Bravo

While making a decision… Think Positive and Consider Negative :- )

Submitted by: alced

The dog who barks never take action, the dog who take action never barks.

Submitted by: Ali

A fine pearl may reside among a heap of pebbles.

Submitted by: brian

Family isn’t who’s related to you, by blood; it’s who’s most important to you and who you love the most.
If something changes, it wasn’t meant to be like that from the beginning.
In the ideal sense, nothing is uninteresting; there are only uninterested people.
If you are not talking straight, you are thinking crooked.

Submitted by: Me

Don’t make knots, that you can’t untie.

Submitted by: Jackie

Better a little caution than a great regret.

Submitted by: Orji P.Goody

Never eat more than you are able to digest.

Submitted by: denzal

Don’t hate me cause I did it better, but go out and do it better then I did.

Submitted by: Angel Davis

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