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How they treat you is how they feel about you.

Wise Quote: How they treat you is how they...

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Don’t be serious, be sincere

Submitted by: ankur

A wise man once said: Just let it be…

Submitted by: jonathan

The sun is always shining, it just depends upon which side of the clouds you are on.

Submitted by: Dave

Vision is the parent of motivation. The foundation of courage, and the fuel of persistence.
Dr T.P.Chia

Submitted by: Ivy Lee

The directions you choose determines what you want

Submitted by: asare geoffrey

Don’t tell people how hard you work, tell them how much you get done.

Submitted by: oswald

The day we stand up for what we believe, the day we speak when everyone else is quiet, the day we take a journey no one else has taken before, is the day we discover who we really are.

Submitted by: juan esquivel

It is better to be criticized by a wise man, rather than being praised by a fool.

Submitted by: sabiiti Bernard

The rich man’s grave is not richer than that of the poor man.

Submitted by: john
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