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The easiest job in this world is to find faults in others.

Submitted by: sana waheed

Happiness is a foolish endeavor, pursued by fools, and only achieved by greater fools. When was the last time you did something truly foolish and didn’t smile. – Jarrod Blair

Submitted by: Couri Otoko

If a dog continues to bite the hand that tries to feed it eventually it will starve to death.

Submitted by: norm

Remember how you feel and what this feel does to you in your path, therefore, if you choose to do so, you may choose your path more decisively.
If happiness and peace is what you seek, think what brought this to you in your past experiences and act according to those things.Therefore you may see more of what you seek.
Knowledge can be found in everything.

Submitted by: A Being

He who connects himself to absolute nothingness, possesses truly everything.

Submitted by: Marco

You are young my son, and as the years roll by, time shall reverse many of your current opinions. Refrain therefore a while from setting yourself up as a judge of the highest matters.

Submitted by: Marco

He who doesn’t like to listen is worse than a deaf person.

Submitted by: rogey24

Your only obstacle is you. Believe in yourself and most of all believe in destiny.

Submitted by: Abdulrazaq

Learn how to crawl before you walk.
A ship can’t sink, unless you let water in it.

Submitted by: Classy girl

The measure of any man is in action.

Submitted by: Mateo

Every benevolent act lies in the inability to say no.

Submitted by: Nnamdi Evans

It’s not a matter of having all the answers, it’s knowing what to do with the ones you have.

Submitted by: Will

Pray for the best and prepare for the worst.

Submitted by: Brandon

There’s always a little truth behind every,”Just kidding.” A little curiosity behind every “Just wondering.” A little knowledge behind every “I don’t know.” And a little emotion behind every “I don’t care.”

Submitted by: Johanna Avila

Change is the only thing that is constant!!!!!

Submitted by: born intelligent

A foolish man does the same thing the same way and expects a different result.

Submitted by: Samuel O

Sitting around and arguing about a mess is not going to clean it.

Submitted by: kloe

If you cannot understand the past, you cannot understand the future.

Submitted by: Mystic~Child (Zoe)

Don’t stop to regret for what it’s done, use that energy to work on what needs to be done.

Submitted by: Giselle

It’s easier to deal with regretting something you did, rather than to regret not doing something.

Submitted by: jodz

It takes an immature figure to fight, but a mature figure to forgive, befriend and walkaway with only two of the kindest words.

Submitted by: könig

Enlightenment does not come to those who can see the faults of others, it comes to those who can see the faults in themselves.

Submitted by: mat

When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

Submitted by: Rotimi

All run…but one receives the prize.

Submitted by: ErickBest

Challenges in life come in three categories; Easy, Difficult and Impossible. Those who take the easy way have a safe and boring life, those with difficult way have a tough but satisfying life and those taking the impossible way are remembered.

Submitted by: Nana Akwasi

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