Baseball Quotes and Sayings

You can’t lose if they don’t score.

Submitted by: Tom Fisher

I was too old and too beat up from football when I discovered my true love and always will be baseball.

Submitted by: Brownifino

Losing sucks.
– Pete Rose

Submitted by: Chuck

The most important pitch, is the next one.

Submitted by: brother bruening

Baseball is not a game, It’s a way of life.

Submitted by: Taylor

Baseball is the sport of this country and nobody can take that away.

Submitted by: Raymond Perez

I can’t guarantee you will win every time you try but I can guarantee you will lose every time you don’t try.

Submitted by: David Blinkhorn

Win the last game you play!

Submitted by: sarah beth

Haha defense wins championships, you try putting a team together who can win a championship without scoring a run.

Submitted by: echs

Baseball is the hardest of all sports, your trying to hit a round ball, with a round bat, squarely.

Submitted by: Yankees

Watching your son give all he’s got, priceless!!!

Submitted by: Let Gonz

You know your a true baseball player when…
1. You call your dad coach.
2. You have a batting cage in your backyard.
3. You think there are 3 stikes to everything in life.

Submitted by: ABBIE

Softball- Don’t let the name fool you!

Submitted by: ABBIE

Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you away from playing the game.

Submitted by: josue brito

If you didn’t get dirty you didn’t play.

Submitted by: T.Arnold

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