Quotes and Sayings about Being Unappreciated

The best way to appreciate something is to live without it for a while.

You can be the nicest person, try your best to please everyone, but at the end of the day all your efforts still go unappreciated!

It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who never sees your worth.

I should stop caring

If they don’t appreciate your presence, perhaps you should try giving them your absence.

Some people are so used to being miserable and feeling unappreciated that they have no idea how to be happy and feel wanted. Sad Truth.

It hurts knowing that I didn’t mean anything to you while you were my everything.


I need to stop doing things for people who wouldn’t do things for me.

When you give your time to someone, and they don’t appreciate it, send them a bill.

Some people will never ever appreciate your presence until your absence becomes permanent.

Loving the wrong person doesn’t mean you’re stupid. it was stupid of that person not to appreciate your love.

The feeling of being unappreciated is a failure to appreciate others.

Never feel empty when the person you like turns you down, because not all people are smart enough to appreciate you.

After being unappreciated for so long, all the little things mean so much.

Sometimes the efforts and the contributions we are putting in to make the world a better place for all may not be appreciated at the moment, but in time to come, it surely will. But then, we may not be alive to celebrate it so we must try to celebrate now while we are alive…everyday!


Real people are destined to be hated and unappreciated by fools.

One day, it’ll be too late to want to appreciate a good person you once had but took it for granted. Some day someone else will come along, take up that which was lacking and show their appreciation towards it and make them see what their true worth consists of!

I try to keep everyone happy, but sometimes that means not being happy myself.

If a man is loving you and holding you down, don’t pull him down, lift him up and you honor that man ladies.

It’s hard not knowing if people love you but it’s even harder not knowing if people appreciate you.

I guess I just got fed up wit feeling unappreciated, feeling like an option, being taking advantage of, etc.

Some wont appreciate you no matter how much you do for them. Release yourself. Go where you’re appreciated and understood.

I’m really sick of the fighting, the attitude and feeling unappreciated. But the option to walk away would hurt way too much.

You don’t need to waste your time on someone who only wants you around when it fits their needs.

Go to where you’re appreciated, not where you’re tolerated.

Submitted by: Collins on October 7, 2016

I’m learning to appreciate everything & everyone…because the feeling of being unappreciated is horrible.

When everything seems to be unfair, when all that you do is not appreciated, I’ll take your hand, wipe away your tears, take you for a walk and remind you how special you are. If not for them, for me.

Some people will have to appreciate you by losing you.

Realize that if someone is only giving you 50% of themselves, they’re telling you that they THINK you’re not worth a 100% of them. Move on!

The worst feeling: When your work or efforts feel unappreciated.

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