George Herbert Quote Explained: He that is not handsome at 20, nor strong at 30, nor rich at 40, nor wise at 50, will never be handsome, strong, rich or wise.

This is one of the greatest quotes by George Herbert, and related to Age and Aging. Have you ever talked to someone, or noticed someone, and realized, that person needs to change their ways? Not to say that its impossible, but its highly likely that if you don’t change your ways as early as possible, its likely you will never change for the good, ever! This is due to the aging process.
George Herbert Quote

Handsome At 20

Soon after 20, the body begins to age.. you lose the elasticity in your skin, wrinkles eventually kick in. You won’t look as cute as you did in your teen age years or older. However, too soon before twenty, and its unlikely you will be super cute if you have acne, etc. Its best to take care of your health at an early age to prevent aging as much as possible.

Strong at 30

Building strength and working out, is not an easy task and is more difficult in your later years. Human Growth Hormone assists in muscle gains, The human body slows its production in HGH after a certain age, you won’t get stronger, or taller, your growth slows down. If you are planning to be an MMA fighter after 30, or a labor worker after 30, good luck on that.

Rich at 40

How rich you are doesn’t depend upon what kind of family you were born into whether you are born into a rich family, or born into a poor family, doesn’t matter. Rather it is more dependent upon your ambition and your work ethic. Bill gates once said, “If you are born Poor its not your mistake, but if you die poor its your mistake” It can never stop a person motivated to reach their endeavors. Over time, as the human body ages, the motivation for one to do more, starts to slow down. But in the years prior, motivation increases, many of the richest entrepreneurs reach their prime year at 35 before they make something really happen, just a little bit before 30.

Wise at 50

My favorite judge on television Judge Judy once said a quote which is now famous: “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

She explains that society is blinded into thinking that the world is male-dominated that the guy has to go out and hunt and become a breadwinner, while the girl doesn’t have to do anything, she just has to be beautiful. This quote was more directed towards some of the blonde bimbos that come on her television show that plaintiffs are doing lawsuits against. The plaintiffs keep trusting some beautiful human being whether its giving out loans, or any small little thing, but they do it over and over and over again, despite repeated failures… They may be great looking, but consistently they may fail and not care…. See this video in which Judge Judy explains a little bit better.

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