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Cowboy is a word reserved for someone like my grandfather, who taught me everything I know about ranching. I hope I remember half of what he tried to teach me. In the meantime, just call me a ranch hand. Cowboy should be used for someone truly great, that leaves a legacy. Hopefully I can teach my grandchildren the true meaning of what a “Cowboy” was.

Submitted by: Doug

I can ride it, rope it, roll it, or throw it, and I’m a pretty good windmill man.

Submitted by: ol' cowboy

You wouldn’t understand it; it’s a cowboy thing!!

Submitted by: cj

A true cowboy knows not to panic take it all in stride.

Submitted by: Gabe

Ain’t never seen a problem couldn’t be solved with a fast horse and a .44.

Submitted by: Rit Kennedy

If I can’t do the running, my horse will. If I can’t do the fighting, my horse will. My gun and horse I live for ’em.

Submitted by: Rodeo khenan cox

Before you start a conflict, make sure you know at which side your gun is.

Submitted by: Khenan cox

Bein’ a cowboy isn’t something you put on in the morning or take off at night. Neither is it what you feed in the barn or ride on the trail. It’s more than that. It’s who you are deep down in your belly. Knowing how to treat folks. Carin’ more about your neighbor than you do about yourself because someone else cared that way about you. Its bein’ brave enough to look at fearsome things and not back down when there’s a cause to stand your ground. But mostly I guess bein’ a cowboy is about having character and doin’ right when nobody’s lookin’. I’m not a cowboy because I do cowboy stuff, but rather I do cowboy stuff because I’m an old cowboy.

Submitted by: ol

Well. I suppose bein’ a cowboy ain’t about something you ride or something you wear. It’s seems like its more than that. It’s about who you are deep down in your rough old boots. It’s doin’ the right thing just because it’s the right thing to do, it’s caring about your neighbor more than you care about yourself, its about lookin’ at gods counrty and knowing it’s not there by chance, it’s about believin’ in something bigger than yourself. It’s not about showin’ off and being some kinda character, but it’s showing character when everyone else is showin’ off.

Submitted by: Double "D" Ranch

A cowboy doesn’t ride a bull for fame he rides because he loves riding.

Submitted by: Jason_webre

The only person crazier than a cowboy is the woman that dates him.

Submitted by: Rachel short

I’ve been riding cows on the range ever since I could breathe. My spurs have always had jingle bobs on them and my boots have always been tall. My hats have always been flat and my ropes long. The words I have spoke have been as honest as the horse between my legs. And my life as simple as the ground I walk.

But we’re disappearing you see all the cowboys like me? Where have they all gone the real ones the gritty ones the get er done ones? If anyone wants to find me I’ll be out on the range you see? If you find me say howdy and let me know we’re not the last of a dying breed.

Submitted by: buckaroo kid

I can’t say I’m a cowboy because that’s just not what we do. We don’t tell everyone that we know everything and we don’t gloat that were not afraid to get dirty.

What we do shows through the pride we have in our work. The pride we have when our cattle slip in the sale ring on sale day. The quite pride we have when our horse cuts out a cow. We don’t boast or brag that we know more then the next guy. We may not have the best language around but I guarantee well stop and listen to an elder talk or open a door for a woman. We’ll talk to a child like he was our own.

Our horse is God’s gift to us. We respect every aspect of this animal yet no boasting is necessary, we show through performance. Our pickup and trailer may not be the nicest but it’s ours and that’s enough for us. Whether we back into the box or open the gate to the pasture, we will always live a simple life with our lord to thank.

Submitted by: sdbuckaroo

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway!
– John Wayne

I said I wanted to be a cowboy when I grew up…Mom said I would have to choose.

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