Depression Quotes, Sayings about being depressed

The happiest people usually have the saddest past.
“I’m fine” is always better than answering a hundreds of question. It is easier than explaining and remembering things you have been trying to forget.

Submitted by: Hatelife on April 16, 2016

When depressed and angry, a friend would always cheer you up and brighten up your mind.

Submitted by: zay shanziie on October 18, 2012

Depression is hard to explain. It’s like a growth, hollowing out your heart. The heart that once loved, that once had passion for laughing, emotions in general, activities, etc. It numbs you. It numbs your actions, like freezing you in water. To the point where you feel exhausted, unable to move, think, or act. I once told a person that depression is like being in a glass box sinking in quicksand. Slowly. You can see through it to others looking at you, but to them, they see a face or a facade of the person you hide behind. And what scares them the most is that they try screaming, but they can’t because it feels useless. It’s more than you know.

Submitted by: Lauren on February 19, 2016

Sadness misses happiness not here; depression discounts happiness that is.
Alan Robert Neal

Depression is horrible. Every night you go to sleep, you wish that you never wake up. But when you do wake up, you are disappointed because you know that you just have to experience the horrid and intense feeling of sadness, worthlessness, self-consciousness and hopelessness all over again. It’s like you’re stuck in a nightmare that you can’t wake up from. Nobody knows what a depressed person is going through unless they have experienced such a deep depression themselves. It’s not fun to have it at all. People think your depression can be cured by therapy and medication, but guess what. When you’re depression is as bad as mine, that stuff doesn’t work. And when the time is near, one will do anything to free himself from being stuck in such a position.

Submitted by: Sally on June 19, 2016

It lingers in the back of your head and the deepest pit in your heart, even though you don’t realize, but somehow, you know it’s always there.

Submitted by: Shadow Punk on February 4, 2016

Depression. What’s the first thing you think? Emo, goth, sadness, tears? No, depression is when you feel physically broken. When you wake up in the morning and just want to go to bed. It hurts to smile or lie to people that you are ok.

When you have depression it’s like you’re watching the world spin without being able to breath. What’s worse is that every day you have to pretend to be happy because you know down inside faking a smile is easier than explaining your pain. That’s depression.

Submitted by: Caitlyn Simpson on March 31, 2017

If you know people who are suicidal, or if you know people who are bipolar, depressed, have panic attack disorder, just be there for them. They’re going through something that’s very, very hard.
– Eric Millegan

Grief is depression in proportion to circumstance; depression is grief out of proportion to circumstance.
– Andrew Solomon

I tell him I like him, he doesn’t like me the say way, he says sorry and I say don’t worry it’s okay. The adrenaline running through my veins at that very moment I press send but my life and joy has come to an end.

With every broken piece I pick up to help fix everything, the pieces begin to go missing. I don’t know what to do nor what to expect but now I know that I am the one that was dissected. Not just from the inside but also on the out side, but I am still the one that has not cried.

My last breath signals my death I cannot see it’s pitch black I know I will never come back, you cross my mind but I’m undefined, you see I’m not perfect so whatever but you may never want to be together, my heart still crumbles as well as it burns but it’s not my turn. Everyone lives knowing you’re not happy but do they know we are super crappy.

Submitted by: Hannah on March 28, 2017

Do you know when someone is too far gone?
When you find them alone and their arms are bleeding
Their eyes emotionless
And when you yell their name to save them
They don’t care.

Submitted by: Ruby on October 18, 2016

Depression will never go away, even when you think it’s gone it comes right back. You’ll have the best day of your life and then depression comes back and you’ll never be happy!! I don’t want to keep crying myself to sleep I want to be happy but depression will never let you!

Submitted by: Rachel on August 15, 2016

Sometimes you gotta smile even though you know everything’s not ok.

Submitted by: Elsy on October 22, 2017

Never look at yourself in the mirror while crying. This will cause self-pity and will make situation worse.

Submitted by: Ever Realtry on April 6, 2016

Depression is being mentally scared for the rest of the life. Because wounds eventually scar and leave a mark.

Submitted by: Kan Chan on March 10, 2016

This country is free, and so are we; but don’t let this shit fool you. Inside most of us are just faking our happiness for the pity of others. Inside, we are breaking. I feel as if I’m locked in a cage, breaking, no way to escape. Nobody notices my shadow behind me, growing larger and larger each day. But I know if I say anything. They won’t understand.

Submitted by: Shadow Punk on February 4, 2016

Depression is staring at the mirror and not even recognizing the person staring back.

Submitted by: D weldon on April 26, 2017

Bipolar hypomania can be scary, maybe not because of the hypomania, but because of the depression afterwards.

Depression is indescribable but I will try to explain it in my case. I feel like I’m on fire and drowning at the same time. I can’t breathe. I can’t to normal things and enjoy them. And when I’m happy I don’t feel comfortable, because I’m not used to it. Depression even feels good sometimes. I don’t know if the person I see in the mirror is me, but its the only person I have.

Submitted by: Sad girl on October 18, 2016

It’s sad when you’re depressed and are numb to feelings and go to school and friends don’t even care about you.

Submitted by: Mekalea Hoover on October 18, 2016

I’m always depressed. Coming home from school not wanting to do anything. Eating less, talking less. I went from a happy 5 years old to a teenager who doesn’t care if shes dead or not. My dad died when I was 5. After he died I faked smiles & laughs.

Depression is like sinking. Everyone around you is still breathing while you’re struggling. Only few will say something & the other half will walk away.

Submitted by: bebe on April 6, 2016

When I say I’m fine. It really means:

F**ked up
Emotionally unavailable.

Submitted by: Brian on May 2, 2017

I don’t know how it started. I just felt it. Nobody knows about my depression. Even my family and my friends don’t know about this except for my boy friend. I’m scared to tell them because I know how will they react. And maybe some of them will think that I’m just overreacting to the things that is happening in my life. Yes. They will never understand me. They don’t even have any idea that I’m suffering with this kind of illness.

Maybe I’m good at hiding things about myself. I attempt suicide many times but I can’t. It’s hard because I know it hurts. I want to die already but I’m scared of the pain. It’s funny isn’t it? This feeling. It sucks already. I just wanna get out of this and live freely and happily.

Submitted by: Unspoken on March 30, 2017

When you’re depressed, you don’t know what to do. You’re looking for something that can make you happy and something that can comfort you but you can’t find any. It’s a feeling of hopelessness and a feeling of you just wanna give up.

Submitted by: Unspoken on March 30, 2017

Depression doesn’t just go away completely. It just simply fades away after you’ve been sad for awhile and when your finally starting to get better, it comes right back.

Submitted by: Amber Keller on March 29, 2017

I can’t even whisper the “D” word let alone explain how badly I suffer.

Submitted by: olly on November 24, 2016

I’m dead on the surface, but screaming underneath.
– Coldplay, Amsterdam

Submitted by: Skear on October 18, 2016

Jesus is the only medicine that can heal my depression. In him I have hope, peace and love. And through him, my life will be colorful again just like the rainbow in the sky.

Submitted by: Unspoken on March 30, 2017

Depression is definitely a touchy subject unless you have it. The feeling of always being numb, heartless, broken, and most of the time just feeling absolutely useless can break you down to nothing but a barely breathing soul. That is whatever soul you have left. Depression is a disease. It can often spread like wildfire. Just keep a true smile on your face, and pray to God you don’t get it too.

Submitted by: Hales on November 24, 2016

Depression is feeling numb inside. You literally can’t feel anything. Your soul is crying. It feels like knives are constantly stabbing your soul. You can’t find joy in anything and you just lay on your bed thinking about ways to end your life. You go to bed, hoping that the pain goes away and then waking up with the same pain for the whole day ahead. You’re screaming that people care about you but in reality you don’t talk to anyone.

Submitted by: Robin on July 24, 2016

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