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Noticed a friend’s Facebook status said that he was suicidal and thinking about jumping off of a bridge. So I poked him. April Fools!

Submitted by: beautiful liar on March 9, 2012

School Supplies: 1) Cellphone. 2) Charger 3) Headphones 4) iPod 5) Snacks 6) Homework that I copied 7) Money

Submitted by: Danny Waz on March 4, 2012

Next Invite or App, you’re getting blocked/deleted and marked as spam!

Submitted by: Spencer on February 27, 2012

I only added you to fill up your news feed, in that way I may get a “Like” from you.

Submitted by: Monjihar on February 26, 2012

Oh really I didn’t know that; but I don’t care either.

Submitted by: Kelly on February 26, 2012

Dear Facebook, you should have a “I disagree” button & a dislike button.

Submitted by: shaq p. on February 26, 2012

Face your problems; don’t Facebook them.

Submitted by: Millie on February 19, 2012

On Facebook there should be a relationship status that says I don’t even know what’s going on?

Submitted by: Jess on February 18, 2012

Why can’t there be a get away from me button or stop poking me stalker button on Facebook…

Submitted by: tabby on February 16, 2012

I’m going on a date with my pillow!! Goodnight!!:)

Submitted by: Rache on February 10, 2012

I know that I am beautiful, looking is enough but staring is too much.

Submitted by: FRANCIA JORDAN on February 6, 2012

Facebook is like a fridge, you check it every 5 minutes even though you know that there is nothing there.

Submitted by: Saskia on February 5, 2012

If you’re going to spread lies and rumors about me on Facebook… Feel free to tag me.;)

Submitted by: Ryan Harrison on January 29, 2012

Everybody called me crazy when I said that Sharkboy was hot…

Submitted by: ForeverLonely on January 27, 2012

I keep my page public so my haters have something to do.(:

Submitted by: Cookie Monster on January 16, 2012

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