Fate Quotes and Sayings about Kismet

Fate – winners refuse to believe in it and losers use it as an excuse

Submitted by: Tony

People say fate has everything planed out, but if we are given a problem we can choose to solve it or not.

Submitted by: Art C

Fate is another way of justifying yourself when you are wrong.

Submitted by: Navneeth

Fate is not of waiting, but of believing

Submitted by: Joshua Roby

Fate is scary and terrifying you don’t know what will happen or when it will end but you know that fate will always be there to guide the right path for you, however fate might not always be the right choice for you. It could be in yourself, your heart could give you the right decision instead. Fate is a mysterious you can never tell if it right or wrong.

Submitted by: lucy

There is no such thing as fate, you choose which path you walk down. There is nothing dragging you down a path you havent chosen. Everything happens because of the choices you made.

Submitted by: NoMore

Fate has nothing to do you what you’re doing because you decide what you want to do…

Submitted by: Louise

Fate is something like trap, it check our wise.

Submitted by: Janath Pelmadulla

Choose to take Fate by the neck and shake the living heck out of her.

Submitted by: I

FATE= fantastic and terrifying ending. But it’s all good

Submitted by: haylee

To change your fate, you must first change yourself, as it is you that creates your fate.

Submitted by: J-Dog

There is a reason and consequence for everything

Submitted by: H. Faulkner

Only time will tell it’s tale

Submitted by: skye

There is no fate but what we make.

Submitted by: mark

Fate has a funny knack to always work out.

Submitted by: Emily

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