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Guy: Do you have a cell phone I can borrow?
Girl: Why?
Guy: Well someone has to call god and tell him one of his angels is missing.

Submitted by: jdizzle701 on April 13, 2010

You’re so hot I have to jump in the pool!

Submitted by: woobie on December 18, 2012

A rose saw you and shouted wow at your beauty.

Submitted by: Okosun valentine on June 23, 2012

Is something burning or are you that hot?

Submitted by: Kartikey on June 27, 2012

If you were an apple, you’d be delicious.

Submitted by: loveme1234 on August 1, 2011

Baby you’re so sweet you put Hershey’s out of business

Submitted by: Devin Jackson on November 28, 2008

Penguins stick together for life. Will you be my penguin?

Submitted by: Hei on February 8, 2009

If I followed you home would you keep me?

Submitted by: dpelildanger on September 29, 2010

Love is blind.
Please be kind.
If I kiss you please don’t mind. ;)

Submitted by: Ryu Han-g on January 14, 2016

You’re the reason for global warming.
– What?
Cos you’re too hot!

Submitted by: woobie on December 18, 2012

Roses are red, violets are blue,
you know I’ve got my eyes on you!

Submitted by: Wadeeyyy on February 12, 2009

What is your height? How did you fit in my heart?

Submitted by: sweetCheeks on April 6, 2011

If I asked you to go out with me, would the answer to that question be same as this one? ;)

Submitted by: Bwaad on June 18, 2011

Has anyone ever told you that you are prettier than a drop of sunshine?

Submitted by: Doubtfire35 on January 5, 2012

Are you a tour guide? can you show me the right way to yo

ur heart..

Submitted by: cleancarinet on March 22, 2010

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