Football Quotes and Sayings

With United, we’d all grown up together, we all wanted to win the biggest trophy in football. We did it together.
David Beckham

I see football as an art and all players are artists.If you are a top artist, the last thing you would do is paint a picture somebody else has already painted.
Cristiano Ronaldo

There is no harm in dreaming of becoming the world’s best player. It is all about trying to be the best. I will keep working hard to achieve it but it is within my capabilities.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Scoring goals is a great feeling, but the most important thing to me is that the team is successful – it doesn’t matter who scores the goals as long as we’re winning.
Cristiano Ronaldo

I want to consistently play well and win titles. I’m only at the beginning.
Cristiano Ronaldo

It gives me the happiest feeling in the world. I just love scoring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple goal from close range, a long shot or a dribble around several players, I just love to score all goals.
Cristiano Ronaldo

I’ve never tried to hide the fact that it is my intention to become the best.
Cristiano Ronaldo

Our football belongs to the working class and has the size, nobility and generosity to allow everyone to enjoy it as a spectacle.
– Cesar Luis Menotti

If you never concede a goal, you’re going to win more games than you lose.
– Bobby Moore

Football, a game in which everyone gets hurt and every nation has its own style of play which seems unfair to foreigners.
George Orwell

It’s not about the long ball or the short ball, it’s about the right ball.
– Bob Paisley

Football is the last sacred ritual of our time.
– Pier Paolo Pasoloni

Football is like a religion to me. I worship the ball, and I treat it like a god. Too many players think of a football as something to kick. They should be taught to caress it and to treat it like a precious gem.
– Pele

Amongst all unimportant subjects, football is by far the most important.
– Pope John Paul II

In a world haunted by the hydrogen and napalm bomb, the football field is a place where sanity and hope are still left unmolested.
– Stanley Rous

In football you sometimes have beauty and cruelty together.
– Peter Schmeichel

Football is a simple game made complicated by people who should know better.
– Bill Shankly

Football is only a game. That is the most outrageous nonsense of the lot. Football is a science, it’s an art, it is war, ballet, drama, terror and joy all rolled into one.
– Tom Utley

Football is all right as a game for rough girls but is hardly suitable for delicate boys.
Oscar Wilde

There’s some people on the pitch… they think it’s all over… it is now!
– Kenneth Wolstenholme

One of the great disappointments of a football game is that the cheerleaders never seem to get injured.
– New York Tribune

If I was smart enough to be a doctor, I’d be a doctor. I ain’t, so I’m a football player.
– Dick Butkus

Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins.
– Paul Brown

Watching football is like watching pornography. There’s plenty of action, and I can’t take my eyes off it, but when it’s over, I wonder why the hell I spent an afternoon doing it.
– Luke Salisbury

Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.
– Frank Gifford

To be a footballer means being a privileged interpreter of the feelings and dreams of thousands of people.
– Cesar Luis Menotti

Football fanaticism and high intellect seldom go together.
– Hugh McDiarmid

Football is a game of tomorrows.
– Geoff Hurst

Football is an art.
– Germaine Greer

Football at its best is a game of beauty and intelligence.
– Ron Greenwood

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