Horse Quotes and Sayings

God didn’t create the horse for a tool. He created it so girls could have a best friend.

Submitted by: Erica on October 20, 2008

I never fall off.
I just,
Dismount with style.

Submitted by: HORSA_CLOTHING on September 13, 2013

My horse died when I was seven but even though she is gone physically she will always be in my heart!

Submitted by: tori on December 16, 2007

Its every girls dream to own a horse

Submitted by: emma on March 15, 2008

If you live a life without horses-
You don’t live a life at all…

Submitted by: Megg-Horselover101 on May 25, 2008

An English Horse Has Grace
A Western Horse Has Pleasure
But My horse Has It ALL

Submitted by: emily on December 5, 2007

He may knock down a pole, but he will never break my heart

Submitted by: Michelle on January 22, 2009

I can muck 30 stalls before breakfast.. What can you do?
I thought you said you could ride.
Riding a horse, is exactly like riding thunder.
A mind of a pleasure horse
the ability to work like a cuttin horse
and run like a race horse
is what my horse is… A barrel horse.
He may knock down a barrel but atleast he won’t break my heart.
Ride like there’s no tomorrow.
and my personal favorite…
Ride it like you stole it!

Submitted by: anna on April 22, 2008

Galloping – Another word for flying.

Submitted by: Em on January 16, 2008

In the quiet light of the stable, you hear a muffled snort, a stamp of a hoof, a friendly nicker. Gentle eyes inquire “How are you old friend?” and suddenly, all your troubles fade away.
– Author Unknown

Submitted by: Jennifer on December 29, 2008

Ride and never worry about the fall

Submitted by: Ashley on December 16, 2007

“If life hands you reins, take them without question and ride into a world of paradise.” – K.R. (me)
“There is no better way to connect with nature than to ride bareback.” K.R.

Submitted by: katie r on December 30, 2008

Treat you as good as my horse…I DONT THINK SO !

Submitted by: lenora on April 25, 2008

Horse riding is so much more then just horse riding, its so much harder then most people think.

Submitted by: ashley on March 5, 2008

If there are no horses in heaven…I’m not going.
If there is no heaven with a horse…don’t look for me there.

Submitted by: Shannen on June 26, 2007

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