Horse Quotes and Sayings

Yes, I smell like a horse. No, I don’t consider this a problem.

Submitted by: hartlover

Tell me I can’t go see him.. I will sit and cry. You don’t know what get how much I need him.<3 He helps me get through the day.<3

Submitted by: Ciera

Great horses give good riders a chance to become great horsemen.

Submitted by: Heather

Yeah! But can you ride?

Submitted by: Heather

A woman’s place is on her horse.

Submitted by: Carol Hunt

Just give me a horse… And I’ll figure the rest out sooner or later.

Submitted by: jewel

I never had a real friend till I started riding.

Submitted by: Ella The Dusty Babe

When you take off for a jump you glide through the gates of heaven.

Submitted by: Cloud9

Horses Are Like Chocolates You Can’t Just Have One. <3<3

Submitted by: Victoriaa

Horses Are So Much Better Than Boys !!!! :S

Submitted by: Victoriaa

Some people say riding isn’t a SPORT, they may be right because it is just too amazing to be a sport, it is something out of this world!

Submitted by: Mel

No hour of life is wasted that is spent on a saddle.

Submitted by: Vedica

You can not learn riding without falling.

Submitted by: Vedica

Drop, Slide & Ride.

Submitted by: Matthew

When you are riding, cherish the simple things in life, life has its majestic moments.

Submitted by: Torii Waisanen

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